BrystonB-60rusedBryston B-60r SST silver 19"Bryston B60R in 19” silver. I have been an audiophile for decades and owned dozens of high end amps. At this price, this amp is simply unbeatable. Yes, the B60 has been around for a long time. ...999.00

Bryston B-60r SST silver 19" [Expired]

no longer for sale

Bryston B60R in 19” silver.  I have been an audiophile for decades and owned dozens of high end amps.  At this price, this amp is simply unbeatable.   Yes, the B60 has been around for a long time.  Does it still compete?  Well I recently compared it to brand new offerings from Hegel and Musical Fidelity and found it was not only competitive, but superior.  This amp is still in Bryston’s current lineup and sells for $4000 brand new!!!  And it’s worth every penny!  The preamp section in the B60R is virtually identically to Bryston’s flagship preamp the BP26 except for a separate power supply in the BP26.    This amp is worth more than the asking price just as a preamp!  But it’s not just an amazing preamp, it’s a superb amplifier as well.  Stunning sound that, despite its 60 watt rating, had zero trouble driving all speakers I’ve used it with and the bass was never anything but tight, deep, and powerful.  But it’s the mids and highs that this amp really shines on.  It can only be described as pristine clarity.  The better the rest of your equipment, the better this amp sounds.  This amp will not be out of place with much costlier equipment.    And one of the things I love the most about this amp is the minimalist design.  The amp looks stunning in a contemporary setting.  Built like a tank, yet sleek and unobtrusive.  This amp is perfect for a bedroom or office system because it’s small enough to fit where many other high end amps would not.  The amp is less than 12” deep making it very versatile.  This amp would also be an incredible stepping stone since you can later buy a larger dedicated Bryston amp and use just the preamp section from this B60R.  

One more thing about Bryston B60 amps, not all of them on the used market are equal.  Bryston added SST circuitry in the later versions.  This one has the SST circuitry.  Additionally, Bryston updated the front panel and knobs and added superior binding posts to the later models.  This model has all those updates.  It is a very attractive amplifier.  Also, these amps are often sold without a remote.  This one comes with a very handsome custom remote which controls mute, and volume.  Pics show the remote you will receive.

Condition is rated at a 7 due to age but look at the pics for actual condition and judge yourself.  

NOTE: I do NOT have the original sales receipt.  But, this is a fully working unit with no issues at this time.  Bryston amps almost never need service.  

Flat rate shipping of $49 to CONTIGUOUS USA only.   Ships Fed Ex Ground Insured.  

Ships in Bryston box.

I will pay the Paypal Fee saving you the 3% that most sellers charge.  

Thanks for looking and congratulations to the lucky new owner!

Reviewer Quotes about the Bryston B60R:

 “Let's get serious—how does the amp sound? Damned good! Startlingly good, compared to most other integrated amps I've heard to date. The B-60 is...yes, let's consult the music critic's thesaurus. The sound is...unimpeachable.” – Sam Tellig (Stereophile)

Neutral. Again, precisely the kind of thing many audiophiles find boring.  Not me. The Bryston wasn't boring. That's because its resolution was superb—of knockout quality. With most inexpensive integrateds, even if the sound is pleasant, there's usually a tendency of instruments to coalesce, to congeal—to sound like sonic mucilage.  Not the Bryston.  With a good recording, each instrumentalist was placed precisely in the soundstage, side to side, front to back—as it is with separate components typically costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars more. I could hear the recording environment—reverberations, the air in the hall. There's not only a lot of there there, there's a lot of here there” – Sam Tellig (Stereophile)

It’s also surprisingly neutral and balanced, not coloring the sound much. It’s the kind of amplifier that would work just as well as a power amp - if you choose to use it that way - able to deliver audio to even the hungriest of speakers without messing with the sound too much. The dynamics are just stunning, and, throughout the whole review period, we really felt that we were getting the best out of our speakers – whether they were $4,000 three-ways, or simple bookshelves. There’s a very good reason why this amplifier is still popular, and you only need to listen for a short time to understand it” - Rob Boffard (The Master Switch)

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