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Velodyne DD-10 +

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Velodyne DD+ 10 Subwoofer Piano Black, Extra sub woofer from big sale and we had one extra / 100% New with factory warranty:


Steven Stone
| June 14, 2011

newest series of premium subwoofers features state-of-the-art Subwoofer
design and ergonomics. Based around a newly developed, longer-excursion
driver than previous models, the DD+ series incorporates the latest in
digital EQ, servo amplifier design, and computer-based user interface to
deliver Velodyne's ultimate subwoofer. The $3,299 DD+ 10 is
the smallest speaker in the Digital Drive Plus line, yet it has more
than enough power with its 1,250 watts RMS amplifier and 35 pound magnet
structure to energize a mid-sized room with ease.

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Aimed at the top echelon of the market, the DD+ series offers a 10,
12, and 15-inch versions. With its glossy finish and slick controls, the
DD+ series was created to compete with the JL Fathom series subwoofers.
All of Velodyne's new DD+ subwoofers include their latest software and
EQ, which offers a level of control that makes it easy to adjust the DD+
subwoofers to perform optimally even in difficult acoustic
environments. Using Velodyne's patented digital high-gain servo
technology and Energy Recovery System (ERS) amplifier, the DD+
subwoofers deliver over 3,000 watts of dynamic power while producing
under a half of a percent of distortion. This is a 4.5 to 6 dB
improvement from the previous generation of Digital Drive subwoofers.

The DD-10+'s installation and set-up software lets you get as
hands-on or hand's-off as you wish during set-up. You can set it up like
a conventional subwoofer where you merely dial in a volume level and
frequency crossover point from the front panel controls. Or you can use
Velodyne's auto-set-up, which takes less than ten minutes to run through
using a special test disc to optimize Velodyne's auto EQ system.
Finally, you can use a Windows computer to adjust every parameter of
the Velodyne DD-10+ EQ system, including Q, boost point, and intensity
via a supplied software program. I tried all three methods. Velodyne's
auto set-up produced results that very nearly matched a far more
time-intensive manual computer install. The auto system chose a 79 dB
crossover point with a pair of Studio Electric Monitors, while with a
pair of Aerial Acoustic 5B speakers
it used 76 dB. Both of these speakers are sealed cabinet two-way
speakers with similar dimensions and sensitivities but the DD-10+'s
built-in software is sufficiently sophisticated to discern the
differences between them.

In both my main room and computer-based systems the Velodyne DD-10+
performed with aplomb. I've rarely felt my pant's cuffs shake from low
frequencies, but the DD-10+ did just that when installed in my desktop
system. The only subwoofer I've used with similar capabilities was the
JL Audio Fathom F-112. The JL sub offers more manual controls and a very
good self-contained auto-set-up that doesn't require an external sound
source of test CD. But the JL sub lacks the DD-10+'s remote control with
EQ presets and volume controls.

High Points:
• The DD+ series has the lowest distortion figures for any subwoofer that Velodyne has ever made.
• Multiple set-up options make it so the DD+ series is both user and room-friendly.
• The DD+ subwoofer's remote control has six EQ presets as well as volume and mute.
• This subwoofer is beautifully built and styled to be far more than another big black box.

If you are looking for the highest level of
performance from a subwoofer, the DD+ series should be on your short
list. Only the JL Audio Fathom and Gotham subwoofers offer a similar
level of performance, ergonomics, and overall fit and finish. Worthy of
installation in even the finest cost-no-object systems, the DD+ series
reestablishes Velodyne's place as one of the premier subwoofer
manufacturers in the world today.

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