Resolution AudioOpus-21 CD playerusedResolution Audio Opus-21 CD playerA unique exceptional 2-box CD player: Transport in one box and DAC in the other. Custom interconnects. Makes amazing music. Totally reliable and easy to use. Designed and built by legendary SF...800.00

Resolution Audio Opus-21 CD player [Expired]

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Note mistype: Transport in one box, Power supply (not DAC) in second for better S/N ratio.

A unique exceptional 2-box CD player:  Transport in one box and DAC in the other.  Custom interconnects.  Makes amazing music.  Totally reliable and easy to use.  Designed and built by legendary SF digital audio engineer, Jeff Kalt, founder and CEO of Resolution Audio.   The Opus 21 is his statement on affordable peak performance RedBook playback.  Comes in original heavy-duty custom wooden box.  The most unusual aspect of the Opus 21 is the segregation of circuitry into two aluminum boxes which does not follow the usual custom of separating transport and DAC but isolates the power supply and display circuitry for better S/N performance.  If you were to call a decidedly un-edgy, anti-brittle, non-dry digital presentation voiced, then the Opus 21 is indeed cannily voiced.  The treble in particular deserves mention for completely lacking that peculiar stand-offish dry, thin and somewhat chalky quality that often accompanies digital. Combined with subtle sweetness comes an overall sense of density to instrumental and vocal images that enjoys parallels in how tubes and transistor amps tend to differ when projecting and outlining an image.  Was $3500 new.  Local pick-up or delivery in SF East Bay available.  See link to review:  Tech details:
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