AmphionIonusedAmphion IonAmphion Ion Speakers, open box, only used for testing.White Cabinets with Black Grills.___________________________________________________________________________________From a media review“Amphion...429.00

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Amphion Ion Speakers, open box, only used for testing.

White Cabinets with Black Grills.


From a media review
“Amphion Ion is tough to classify. Interior designers love it. Highend reviewers praise it. Recording engineers use it.

If you simply like great sound, but do not want to overwhelm your life with audio, Ion may be a perfect choice. You can enjoy ions in many ways:

Place on your desktop and learn what a joy near field listening can be.

Place in bookshelf or on stands - in small rooms you get surpassing full bass performance as well.

Pair it with a subwoofer for a reference quality full range system that still looks pure lifestyle.

Even if Ion performs superbly in both traditional two-channel and multichannel applications an increasing amount of demanding forward thinking individuals have made ion part of their desktop system – and end up spending more enjoyable hours their ions than their ultrahigh end separates.

If categorizing Ions is so difficult why should we even try? Maybe Joe Cali, producer of singer-songwriter Lori Lieberman, was onto something when he stated:

“For each song to be represented with all the details and have the same musicality is in itself remarkable. In the end I hope you just enjoy the music because after all, that is what it is all about.”


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