VPI IndustriesHRXusedVPI HRX w/ RIM DRIVEUSED Award winning gorgeous VPI HR-X Turntable With JMW 12.7 Tonearm and Ultra Rare VPI Rim Drive Upgrade in Superb Condition! I’m rating this Turntable 9 out of 10. This product can only be shippe...9000.00

VPI HRX w/ RIM DRIVE [Expired]

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USED Award winning gorgeous VPI HR-X Turntable With JMW 12.7 Tonearm and Ultra Rare VPI Rim Drive Upgrade in Superb Condition! I’m rating this Turntable 9 out of 10. 

This product can only be shipped to U.S. addresses. 

The culmination of a quarter of a century of turntable engineering and manufacturing by one of the most respected names in the world of audio.

Incorporating several refinements that blur the line between master tape and the LP, the new TNT-HR-X is stunning in both sound and industrial design. Includes the JMW 12.7 tonearm with Nordost Valhalla Wiring!

Built on a composite, triple-laminated acrylic and aluminum chassis, a new inverted bearing with a Teflon thrust plate was chosen for its frictionless performance and immunity to wear. A radical outer-periphery record clamp flattens the LP to the acrylic platter without the complexity and problems associated with vacuum systems.

Designed for ultimate analog LP playback, the TNT HR-X incorporates an integrated dual motor drive and flywheel to allow a footprint of only 25in by 19in. And the chassis’ air suspension will reject 98% of acoustic feedback in real world conditions without additional and elaborate isolation platforms.

VPI's Synchronous Drive System (included) provides accurate speed control (for both 33 1/3 and 45 RPM operation, 78 RPM available at additional cost) and power line filtration in a single package. All of this results in rumble, wow and flutter specifications below the limits of current measuring equipment.

A celebration of the art of analog, the TNT HR-X comes complete with a JMW-12.7 tonearm with Nordost Vahalla wire, SDS Synchronous Drive System, Periphery Ring Clamp and Center Record Weight.

JMW-12.7 tonearm with Nordost Valhalla wire:

& (1) Additional JMW-12.7 tonearm also included as well. 

Notice all the companies coming out with 12” tonearms now – they are 10 years behind the curve. VPI has a decade of experience designing and building 12” arms and we know what makes them work and what doesn’t. The time finally came for VPI to incorporate all its knowledge of tonearm construction and come up with one state of the art design. The 12.7 is the end result of a search for a tonearm that met these criteria:


• A machined tapered arm tube for minimum standing waves in the arm wand and maximum rigidity with low mass.

• Fully adjustable in all parameters to optimize your results from any cartridge.

• Totally rigid mounting system that literally becomes part of the turntable chassis.

• Universal cartridge compatibility with stylus resonances in the 9 to 11 HZ range.

• The best Nordost Valhalla wire.

• Adjustable fluid damping for optimal cartridge compatibility.

Once we met these criteria we voiced the arm to be as neutral as possible with vanishingly low tracking distortion and the speed and agility you expect in a tonearm of this caliber. Made from the finest materials, finished in a beautiful satin aluminum finish, and hand built for quality and consistency, the JMW-12.7 will be your last tonearm. As all our product, the JMW-12.7 is made in the USA.

Product Reviews: 

" Some people probably think it is insane to buy a table of this expense online, to them I say, try it. You'll be happy you did. As Harry told me, putting it together takes 15 minutes" - Adam Kimball Click here to see what our customers have to say about the HRX and Us!

Golden Ear Award-Winning and U.S.-Made VPI HR-X Turntable With JMW 12.7 Tonearm Delivers Explosive Dynamics, Pinpoint Accuracy, and Phenomenal Detail.

JMW 12.7 Tonearm, SDS Speed Controller, and Outer Ring Clamp Come Standard With the Incredible-Sounding VPI HR-X Turntable

Explosively dynamic, supremely musical, incredibly accurate, and infinitely adjustable: The VPI HR-X turntable just might be the last ‘table you ever purchase. A winner of the Golden Ear Award from The Absolute Sound, the U.S.A.-made HR-X runs on an inverted bearing and features an acrylic platter cut to tolerances within five ten-thousandths of an inch (we can't even imagine the microscopic detail involved). This reference-caliber component also includes the LP-flattening VPI outer ring clamp.

Plus, there's more. A superb-sounding JMW 12.7 tonearm is directly mounted to the plinth for added rigidity, giving HR-X increased speed, wowing dynamics, supreme bass definition, and inimitable musicality. As for what's inside? Two ultra-low-powered motors drive a seven-pound, center-mounted flywheel that spins at 300RPM. An included SDS speed controller provides dead-on speed accuracy. Get ready for analog bliss!

No Stone Left Unturned on Reference Design

Every aspect of HR-X is optimized for maximum performance. The acrylic platter is cut to tolerances within five thousandths of an inch and sits on an inverted bearing for lower noise and lower rotational inertia. The JMW 12.7 tonearm is mounted directly to the HR-X plinth for exceptional rigidity. The HR-X drive system consists of two ultra-low powered motors on either side of a seven-pound, center-mounted flywheel that spins at 500RPM. The included Outer Ring Clamp works like a vacuum to hold down the outside edge of the record. The SDS speed controller delivers absolute speed accuracy. 

“Harry Weisfeld can’t stop upgrading this combination and each generation is just a bit better. Total reliability and consistency. Amazing detail without any loss of warmth and deep bass. Not a trace of wow and flutter or bearing noise. An arm that works superbly with any modern moving coil or moving magnet cartridge.”

- Anthony Cordesman, The Absolute Sound, Golden Ear Award

Triple-Layered Plinth

VPI HR-X's triple-layered X-shaped plinth has a gorgeous, glossy black finish with aluminum accents, an air bearing suspension, an ingenious motor and flywheel combo, and arrives equipped with VPI's phenomenal tonearm, JMW 12.7. Amazingly, HR-X only takes up 25” x 19” of space.

"What you get with the VPI TNT HR-X, however, is as close to the sound of silence I have yet heard. This is not just a matter of the best signal-to-noise ratio I have ever heard from an analog front end. There is an amazing lack of low-level coloration to the sound." 

- Anthony Cordesman, The Absolute Sound, Product of the Year Award


Triple-laminated chassis (Acrylic-Aluminum-Acrylic) is heavy, rigid, and critically damped. Each layer is machined separately and then assembled before being combined with the corner assemblies to produce a uniformly aligned system.

A periphery ring clamp centered by the platter, not the record, provides vacuum-like hold-down without the problems inherent in a vacuum system.

Stainless-steel HR-X center weight.

40-pound separate machined drive system uses two low-powered 24-pole 300RPM AC synchronous motors driving a 12-pound flywheel. The drive unit is machined from a solid block of aluminum, its accuracy assured by using only one piece, giving the lowest-possible wow and flutter from a belt drive.

Flywheel spins at 300RPM and has 62 times the inertia of a 25-pound platter.

The combination of flywheel drive system, inverted bearing, and accuracy of machining leads to extremely low levels of wow, flutter, rumble, and FM distortion.

The isolation system built into the feet allow it to be placed very close to 4 -15” woofers with no noticeable effect.

I am also including a Mint Condition HRX Aluminum Platter and extra bearing with this auction. 

No Cartridge Included. Will only ship to verified U.S. Address.

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