Gold NoteIS-1000usedGold Note IS-1000 (Super-Integrated: Streamer/DAC/MM&MC Phono/Preamp/Amp)Gold Note IS-1000 (Black)Includes Original Packaging, Manual, and RemoteExcellent condition This stunning preamp/amp/dac/streamer/phono super integrated outperformed Ayre and Devialet units in my s...2800.00

Gold Note IS-1000 (Super-Integrated: Streamer/DAC/MM&MC Phono/Preamp/Amp) [Expired]

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Gold Note IS-1000 (Black)

Includes Original Packaging, Manual, and Remote

Excellent condition

This stunning preamp/amp/dac/streamer/phono super integrated outperformed Ayre and Devialet units in my system. Includes all original items and is in near perfect condition, but for the on/off status LED not shining; discounting heavily on this cosmetic basis. No dings ir scratches. Pricing is FIRM as this is a phenomenal unit besting separate network streamers, DACs, phono stages, preamps, and amps at much more than its cost.

These are among the many impressive reviews that encouraged me to buy this awesome unit (though I have since gone in a radically different direction with an SET amp):

“Connected to a pair of Dynaudio Special Forty standmounts (HFC 434), it majors on scale and drive to great effect. There is a sense of a vast unfettered soundstage that extends in front of and well beyond the listener. Despite the scale, the positioning of instruments and effects is accurate and unerringly consistent. This is backed up by an effortless sense of power and drive that benefits less potent music as well as it does electronica. Ray LaMontagne’s Repo Man has the impact required to convey the vigour and energy of the band’s performance. Again, there is a sense of order and positioning that helps you to close your eyes and be ‘there’ in a way that some rivals struggle to match. Equally impressive is its honest and believable tonal realism that complements pretty much everything you choose to play, and there’s enough of a slight gravel in the vocals that it becomes a tangible part of the performance supported by instruments with genuine weight and decay. There is an impressive sense of rhythmic energy to the way that the IS-1000 goes about making music and it engages on an emotional level too. The 24/88.2 download of Kraftwerk’s Minimum-Maximum benefits from this impressive sense of flow and drive and the Tour De France suite of tracks positively hammers along. There is no sense of overhang to the rapid-fire bassline and combined with the depth and impact that it extracts from the Dynaudios, the result is tremendously entertaining. This feeling of agility isn’t dependent on there being a heavyweight bassline either. The lightning-fast guitar of The Sword’s Used Future is also relayed with all the frenetic energy very much intact.” – HIFI CHOICE

“We’ve just started to audition the Gold Note IS-1000 integrated amplifier and it’s amore from the start. Featuring an integral phono stage, based on the circuitry of the PH-10 that we already love, a built in DAC and streamer and a 125 watt per channel power amplifier that doubles down to 250 watts per channel into 4 ohms, This $5,000 beauty is a perfect solution for those wanting high quality, maximum versatility (did we tell you it has six digital inputs) and a convenient form factor. The only question left is black or silver.” – TONEAUDIO

“I would never have believed that a class A/B power stage in this price range could deliver such performance. On tonal balance, the IS-1000 was one of the more neutral device I have auditioned. Despite the rather poor sensitivity of the large Lawrence Audio Penguin floorstanders, it delivered all necessary power even at very high SPL and without audible distortion. In fact, this performance was quite close to what I am used to from my mono Luxman or SPEC amplifiers, albeit with a perhaps slightly less intrusive sonic fingerprint. In fact, the Gold Note IS-1000 provided me with outstandingly neutral tones.” – 6MOONS

“High damping engaged the Gold Note is clean and crisp, with an almost studio-like clarity of which I have first-hand experience. Bass starts and stops quickly. It’s controlled yet also extended. The opening bars of Lizz Wright’s latest album, Grace, hit straight between the eyes. No messing. With the Ayre it circles before assaulting you. Like running the Harbeths without the usual foam bungs in their ports. I tried it – yup – just like that. Treble is extended, detail slightly more abundant than the Ayre. Both cut through complex mixes to communicate musical intent though. The Ayre provides a very clean window on the performance. The IS-100 dispenses with the window. Both present a big soundstage – wide and deep, the Gold Note portraying musicians even more precisely than the Ayre.” – DARKO



Class A/B High-Current Mosfet design:

[email protected]Ω per channel

Dimensions: 430mm W | 135mm H | 375mm D

Weight: 18kg


Developed from the awarded PH-10:

MM = 220pF capacitance, 45dB gain

MC = 470Ω impedance, 65dB gain


3 optical (TOS)

1 Coaxial (COAX)

1 USB type A (DSD64 via DoP) for FAT/NTFS formats

1 Ethernet LAN & Wi-Fi (DSD64 via DoP)

Resolution: PCM up to 24bit/192kHz


1 XLR balanced

1 RCA Line & Phono MM/MC

1 RCA Line & AV-Ind


1 RCA variable

1 RCA fixed



BurrBrown chipset PCM1796


Supported streaming services:


Roon Ready


MQA (via Tidal)


Spotify & Spotify Connect



Supported audio formats:

AIFF (.aif, .aiff, .aifc)

WAV (.wav)


WmA Windows media Audio 9

WAX Windows media audio metafiles

ASX Advanced Stream Redirector (.asx)

MPEG-4 Advanced Audio coding File

(AAC, M4A including Apple lossless)


DSD 64 (.dsf format)

Supported media servers:

Minim Server

Bubble UPnP


Local pickup available in Manhattan (NYS Sales Tax would apply)

Paypal, add 3%.

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