AidasMammoth Gold MK2newAidas Mammoth Gold MK2A new high end reference cart that simply must be heard. Easily competes with carts at double the cost and is simply one of the very best cartridges ever made! Mammoth Gold Mk2 is the newest and m...8000.00

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Aidas Mammoth Gold MK2 [Expired]

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A new high end reference cart that simply must be heard. Easily competes with carts at double the cost and is simply one of the very best cartridges ever made! 
Mammoth Gold Mk2  is the newest and most striking cartridge from an new relatively new company called Aidas. The Mammoth Gold Mk2 is so new it is not even on Vira High End  website yet. We are an authorized dealer for Vira High End and this cartridge is there new top end offering.   Specifications:
​Body: 23,000 years old Mammoth ivory task
Cantilever: Namiki / Adamant boron composite
Stylus:"Namiki" MicroRidge
Output: 0.28mV
Magnet system: AlNiCo5
Tracking force: 1.6-1.8g.
Compliance lateral: 12 um/mN
Cartridge weight:  10.1-10.1g.
Recommended loading: 4 ohms
Channel separation: >30dB/1kHz
Channel balance: >1dB/1kHz
Coils: copper 0.03mm
Mount: thread  M2.5x0.45, 1/2 inch / 12.7mm standard between the holes 
Trackability at 300Hz/1.6g: 70-80uM
Vertical tracking angle: 20°  
Recommended tonearm mass: medium
Damping system: 2X
Break-in period: 50 hours 
The first tone arm mounted pics are of a my personal demo cart but you will receive a brand new one in an original Stone box with a bottle of Mammoth Vodka to celebrate. Pics of the new cart are included as well they are the ones with cart right inside stone case. This is the exact item you will receive. You will notice the new one has a more yellow-gold tone to the Mammoth Ivory.         
The cantilever is BORON, stylus is MICRO RIDGE. The hardest part of the making the cartridge was to make it to pick up, respond and reproduce the frequency we desired to present. We spent 2 years formulating special composite for proper damping system.We use not one but 2.5 different dampers (actually 3). The dampers are situated around the most viral parts such as cantilever, generator and tension wire. A USA based chemical company is formulating and is backing these parts for us and more than 200 different types of compounds were tested. The Mk2 version has however moved to a even better damping compound for greater overall clarity and dynamics, improved bass and more extention on the top end. This is really a killer cart with performance in analog I have not heard from any other analog cart before at any price. No I have not tried them all but I have tried most that are considered the best and this cartridge is in a different league altogether. 
The Aidas Mammoth Gold Mk2 package contains the new cartridge with mammoth ivory body stabilized. The body made of 23,000 years old Siberian Woolly Mammoth tusk. The ivory properties are closest to a human bones and has similar resonance characteristics, not only to skeletal bones, but Auditory Ossicle bones that located in the middle ear. So we have complete harmony presented. The cartridge built with the upmost care is packed in a stone box made of Siberian semi-precious stones. Each box has different stones and enclosures. Also the package contains the sealed 0.5L bottle of Siberian Mammoth vodka. The mounting ware and the manual all included. All this inside the attractive black plastic case.  
Get the very best for your analog rig.  
My last customer who bought one simply loved it!  He is one of the first to own the Mammoth and was bewildered by the performance as am I. Don't miss this terrific cartridge it may be new to the market but it is the best of the best. 
Not available in all states including NY, NJ, CA, HI, IL, make sure you see if your state is restricted before considering a purchase.  Review“mammoth-gold”-phono-cartridge/

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