Wisdom AudioAdrenaline RushusedWisdom Audio Adrenaline Rush Speakers GREAT OPPURTUNITYThe custom Amps built with Wisdom and Edge will be included and I just for them back from Tom Maker who designed the amps and had them overhauled that was $4500. These amps originally were $60,000...28000.00

Wisdom Audio Adrenaline Rush Speakers GREAT OPPURTUNITY [Expired]

no longer for sale

The custom Amps built with Wisdom and Edge will be included and I just for them back from Tom Maker who designed the amps and had them overhauled that was $4500.  These amps originally were $60,000.00
Rare opportunity to own a pair of the finest speakers in the world. For sale Wisom Audio Adrenaline Rush Speakes with the active Brain Crossovers, You can run the speakers with 4,6 or 10 channels. I have the custom built amplifiers that I just had redone by Tom Maker who designed them. 

This is a 4 piece planar magnetic speaker with matching woofers. This system consists of 2 - 72 inch tall planar magnetic speakers and 2 sealed 4 per side 12 inch underhung woofers . This system was featured at the New York Stereophile show as Harry Pearson's dream system at the Hilton Hotel many years ago. The Adrenaline system won the Golden Ear Award - awarded by the Absolute Sound. Below is an excerpt:

As to the best sounding speakers ever made... I can't say categorically as I've not listened to every speaker ever made... but the best I've personally every heard were the Wisdom Audio Adrenaline Rush. $95,000 (I believe, last time I looked) and worth every penny.

Can't even begin to describe the experience. It was other-worldly. It was indeed a "rush"! The hair on the back of my neck stood upright and my heart was beating like the dickens. The experience was so invigorating that I was short of breath. Visceral. Incredible impact. Incredible delicacy. Incredibly lifelike. WOW!

Wisdom Adrenaline Rush is a large-scale system offering performance qualities that elevate it above ordinary designs. A superb system for the most discriminating listeners, it is ideal for a range of listening environments, providing a unique combination of extraordinary detail, clarity, low dynamic compression, accurate timbre reproduction and natural dynamic contrasts. Consistent with Infinite Series systems, a unique three section planar-magnetic array providing the mid and high frequencies is mated to an extraordinary low frequency assembly. Utilizing the low frequency section of the Adrenaline® Rush, incorporating four 12-inch, underhung, 3-inch voice coil low frequency regenerators per channel, for a total of eight drivers per pair, this system’s low frequency performance is only surpassed by its larger siblings. The Infinite Rush is a world-class system, ideal for the discriminating music and film lover that demands a large scale, highly refined and dynamically realistic loudspeaker.

Wisdom develops the Adrenaline “Rush” system, raising the standard for high-end audio performance. Absolute Sound magazine awards Wisdom the coveted “Golden Ear Award”.


Line Source: 75”x3” Planar Magnetic/Channel
Low Frequecy Regenerator: Four 12” Underhung 3” coil LFR/Channel
Line source Driver Weight: 43 Pounds each channel
Low Frequency Magnet weight: 152 Pounds Each Channel
Frequency Responce: 10-25,000 HZ +3dB
Line Souce Cabinet: 80”x7”31”
Low Freq Cabinet: 68”x15”x38”
System weight: 1400 Pounds

Please no low offers Price is very fair. Please add 3% if paying with PayPal. The best way to get them would be to fly here and rent a u-haul one way to take them. This is how I got them and was cheaper than freight. i will ship but buyer will have to arrange and allow me time to build custome crates.

Local pickup welcomed and auditions, nothing to hide


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