ElacAdante 3070usedElac Adante 3070 Sub w/DSP--nearly new!Since I purchased new Tannoy Revolution 8s, I no longer need a sub. I have owned maybe half a dozen subs, but only this one was I able to truly integrate within my system. There are several ...1100.00

Elac Adante 3070 Sub w/DSP--nearly new! [Expired]

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Since I purchased new Tannoy Revolution 8s, I no longer need a sub.  I have owned maybe half a dozen subs, but only this one was I able to truly integrate within my system. 

There are several reasons for this, I suspect:  The dual 12” drivers (both active) are angled into the room, spreading bass through the room more evenly.  (I’m not engineer enough to know if floorbounce is an issue with bass, but seems to me if towers are more accurate with 2 6” woofers than a single 12”, for example, then the same logic may well apply to a sub.)  The internal 1200W amplifier is a Class A/B, not the typical inexpensive digital amp.  And the sub’s control app is extensive and offers versatile adjustability, even with each song if you like (I ran the app on my Android phone and then an iPhone).  I also found this is a musical sub, one that goes low and tight, but without the boominess that was always an issue with other subs (or, in the case of a 10”, inadequate oomph.)  If you doubt the low frequency capability of this sub, just use the auto-EQ (it uses the microphone in your phone to compare sound at the sub and again at your listening position): the lowest notes will rumble your fillings. 

The app, in addition to its automatic equalization, also lets you vary the low-pass frequency rounding, adjust phase and delay, and offers parametric equalizers to further tailor the sub for fitting into your system and room.  Its many graphics make even a technical Luddite like me feel comfortable playing with it, and it has four EQ modes pre-programmed for selection with a single click: the “Night” setting, for example, was convenient.

I was also smitten with this sub’s ability to fit into a room: furniture grade wood veneer (the color is called rosewood but it looks more like a richly-hued walnut in shadow and sunlight reveals a reddish-brown tone), black-chrome adjustable feet and cups, and a subtle chrome ring around the drivers make what is usually an ungainly box downright pleasant looking.

Reviewers seem to complain about the cost of this sub, but given two active drivers, the Class A/B amp, the beautiful wood veneer finish, balanced and unbalanced connectors, and the anvil weight and build solidity, not to mention its exceptional sound, I find complaints difficult to fathom.  Besides, however inadvertently, my selling this beauty used will take much of the sting away from the next owner.  I purchased this from an authorized dealer and am the original owner.

Specs (from Elac site):

Speaker type: Powered subwoofer, sealed box
Woofer: 2 x 12” Aluminum sandwich cone
Frequency response: 18 to 180 Hz
Crossover frequency: 40 to 150 Hz, continuously adjustable
Amplifier Type: BASH-Tracking
Maximum amplifier power: 1,200 Watts
Bluetooth Low Energy Control: App Controlled with Auto EQ
DSP: Yes
Standby power consumption: 1 Watt
Maximum power consumption: 1,800 Watts (full load)
Inputs: 2 x line-channel (XLR); 2 x line-channel (RCA); 3 x Speaker level
Wireless: Receiver Built-in
Cabinet finish: High gloss black, High Gloss White, Dark Rosewood Veneer
Accessories included: AC power cable
Height: 17.13 in / 435 mm
Width: 20.39 in / 517.8 mm



Manufacturer Web Site:



It ships with the original manual and white gloves, original black power cord (not the one in the picture), and black chrome spikes and cups.  This sub, while reasonably sized, is heavy and the box it ship in is sizable (I have all the original packaging).  It shipped to me on a pallet, and I would prefer freight shipping or local pickup.  This sub is less than a year old and other than some minor spots on the cups for the spiked feet, is in excellent cosmetic and operating condition.  I prefer selling to well-rated Audiogoners and buyers who are closer to my location to minimize handling but will consider other arrangements.

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