McIntoshMC30usedPair of McIntosh MC30 MC-30 Tube AmplifiersMcIntosh MC30 Tube Amplifiers For sale, my totally rebuilt and restored MC30 amplifiers. These were rebuilt by "Mr. MC30" Joe Auwen. The restore included over 1000 dollars in Sonic Craft Platinu...4600.00

Pair of McIntosh MC30 MC-30 Tube Amplifiers [Expired]

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McIntosh MC30 Tube Amplifiers

For sale, my totally rebuilt and restored MC30 amplifiers. These were rebuilt by "Mr. MC30" Joe Auwen. The restore included over 1000 dollars in Sonic Craft Platinum capacitors and resistors. Unfortunately, this was a custom job by Joe and I do not have a list of all the upgraded / updated caps. Some of the caps used are no longer made / no longer available. I have taken extensive photos of the inside of each unit. I'm limited to the number of photos on here. However I have uploaded almost 50 high resolution photos to a Google drive that I can share with interested people.

These amplifiers have been powering a pair of updated and hot-roded Klipsch Chorus IIs in my dedicated listening room. The tube combination I've found is just pure sonic bliss. The sound stage is huge and the mid range is just so syrupy sweet. Really is the "holy grail" of imaging for me. Unfortunately I must sell these due to shifting life priories.

I would rate the condition on these as a very high 7 or low 8 on the Audiogon scale. The chrome is very nice, with only a little bit of pitting starting on the rear panel of one amplifier.

Note on the pictures - Its very hard to take good photos that show these beauties properly due to the chrome reflections. I've tried my best to capture many angles of the outside and inside.

Unfortunately, the amplifiers are not consecutive serial numbers. (Their only drawback IMO)

I have found an absolute magical tube combination for these two units. Here is a tube list of what is currently in the amp.

Power Tubes: GEC KT66 Clear Tops - (These were purchased from Upscale Audio as a matched quad. I still have the original boxes. They will be included.)
12AX7 Tubes - Telefunken Smooth Gray Plates. (Awesome 3D Sonics!!)
12AU7 Tubes - Amperex 12AU7 Bugle Boys
12BH7 Tubes - Black Plate RCAs.
5U4GB Rectifier Tubes - RCA Black Plate tall bottles.

Now, the KT66 tubes are special here. They are worth over 600 by themselves, probably more. They give the top end and mid range their magic, IMO. Definitely an upgrade over the usual "go to" GE gray plate 6L6s. Your mileage may very. Some speakers like different tubes to sound their best.

So I will do the following.

Looking for 4600 for the amps, with the current tube lineup. If you do not want the KT66 power tubes, I will consider lower prices WITHOUT the KT66s. All the other tubes will be included at any price.

Lets talk about shipping. I would love a local pickup. A demonstration of the amplifiers in my listening room can be arranged, and I know that they will leave safely with the new owners. I would really REALLY hate to ship these. I'm just afraid they will become damaged. Because of this, I am willing to drive a significant distance to meet or to deliver these amplifiers with my asking price. Lets say a 250 mile radius of Cedar Rapids, IA. This would include Chicago, Minneapolis, Omaha, Kansas City, and St Louis. I'm even open to going further and would be happy to work out the details with you.

I would love to chat with interested people. These are special units. Several folks have said they are the best MC30s they have ever heard. I want to make sure the new owners will be very happy with them and willing to work on delivering them.

These are for sale locally and on various other audio forums. So this ad may come down at anytime.

Thank you for checking out my ad.

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