Pass LabsXP-15usedPass Labs XP-15 PHONO PreampItem Pass Labs XP-15 Phono Preamp, priced to sell. Does not include original box, manual or power cable (this is how it arrived to me). The manual is available online or I'm happy to email it to...2050.00

Pass Labs XP-15 PHONO Preamp [Expired]

no longer for sale


Pass Labs XP-15 Phono Preamp, priced to sell.  Does not include original box, manual or power cable (this is how it arrived to me).  The manual is available online or I'm happy to email it to you. 


Was purchased from Agon member with 100% feedback about 45 days ago.  Please see my other ads.  I am liquidating my entire vinyl front end.



  • The member from whom I purchased this phono preamp listed it as an 8 (and sold it to me for a lot more money).  Perhaps I am a bit more meticulous (read: tightwad)?...  
  • There are little nicks and marks here and there on the top, the worst of which is on the top right corner (looks like someone was removing it from a rack).  I know you won't see that once it is in your rack, but I'm only going to give it a 7.
  • Also, while it is hard to see, there is the smallest wisp of a mark across the face on the right side.  You cannot see it from 3' away and even with your face on it you have to look for it, but it IS there.  The photos do a good job of showing it, so please look at those for reference.
  • I have never had a problem with it and it has always sounded wonderful.  Electrically and acoustically flawless.

Awards and Reviews

"There is more midrange tonal color than I would have ever expected from a solid state phono stage"

-Positive Feedback


Positive Feedback Writers Choice Awards

-Positive Feedback


"The XP-15’s dynamics clarity and ultra-low noise floor are tough to beat, and may convince the most hardcore tube lover to make a switch"

-Lawrence Devoe


"Standout performance in bass and dynamics make the XP-15 one of the most exciting pieces I have ever had the pleasure of listening to."

-New Record Day 


  • It has been very well boxed and is ready to go.  
  • As the damage rate inbound and outbound with UPS in Atlanta has hit about 50% (for heavy items), I will only ship FedEx, insured, requiring a signature.  Sorry!