Von Schweikert AudioTS-150 SurroundsusedVon Schweikert Audio TS-150 SurroundsI am the original owner. These speakers may be used as either a directional (forward-firing monopole) full range speaker system in a discrete 5.1 to 7.1 digital system, or as a dipolar ambience g...800.00

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Von Schweikert Audio TS-150 Surrounds [Expired]

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 I am the original owner.  These speakers may be used as either a directional (forward-firing monopole) full range speaker system in a discrete 5.1 to 7.1 digital system, or as a dipolar ambience generator for use with either THX or Dolby sources.  The surrounds are in excellent shape and work perfectly.  Rated 8 only because of age.  Buy with confidence - check my perfect feedback.  I do not have the original box but rest assured the speakers will be packed safely - double boxed and plenty of foam.  I will wrap the speakers in shrink wrap.

System Type: Multiple application surround speaker suitable for either monopolar or dipolar use. A side mounted button is provided to select between the two radiation patterns.

Mounting Applications: The unit was designed for wall mounting. Alternately, the unit may be placed on stands or mounted on the ceiling, facing downwards.

Surround Applications: Suitable for use with Dolby Pro Logic, Pro Logic II, Dolby Digital (AC3), DTS, DTS EX, and all future formats for multi-channel movies or music recordings.

Monopole Pattern: All drivers will radiate in phase, with a wave launch facing 90 degrees from perpendicular; the dispersion pattern is 180-degrees with a highly focused image. Some experts claim that this radiation pattern is best suited for musical recordings and/or DTS encoding.

Dipole Pattern: A "null" created by an out-of-phase driver wiring technique enables the speaker cabinet to disappear as the source of the sound. An equalization circuit is provided to allow deep bass to be reproduced with the out-of-phase woofer wiring. Many experts claim this radiation pattern is best for movies, no matter what type of encoding was used, as the speakers mimic the "infinite surround" design found in movie theaters.

Dispersion Angle: 180-degree dispersion with either monopole or dipole setting, enabling even large rooms to be filled with ambient sound.

Driver Complement:

Woofers: Two-5.5" bass-mids per speaker, using mica-impregnated cellulose cones to reduce flexing and distortion for maximum bass impact and highest level of transparency in the midrange.

Tweeters: Two-1" tweeters per speaker, using fabric domes laminated with two layers of synthetic vinyl for strength and Ferrofluid liquid cooling for high power safety. Both drivers use our Low Distortion Motor to enable high volume levels to be reproduced without harshness or glare.

Crossover: Our proprietary Global Axis Differential Network enables either in-phase (monopole) or out-of-phase (dipole null) radiation patterns. Crossover point is 2.2 kHz. High quality air core inductors and polypropylene film capacitors are used to ensure very high transparency.

Power Handling: 200 watts nominal input (music power).
Frequency Response: 40Hz to 25kHz +/- 3dB, (60Hz to 20kHz +/- 1.5dB).
Sensitivity: 90dB @ one watt/one meter, 6 ohm nominal impedance (8 ohms compatible).
Size and Weight: 11.5"W(rear) x 3.5"W (front) x 11.5"H x 7"D. 16 lbs raw, 37lbs packed.
Warranty: 10 years Parts and Labor (excluding abuse such as burnt voice coils).