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Audible Illusions M3B

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Sunny Components Inc,
Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri 10.00am-6.00pm.Sat-10am-4pm Closed on Sunday and Monday.

1370 E Cypress St Ste D,E Covina CA-91724 USA
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We have current NEW in stock Audible Illusions M3B Preamplifier.

Thirty years ago Audible Illusions began production of the first
Modulus preamplifier, a component that set new standards for sonic
performance and reliability. To date over 20,000 Modulus preamps have
been manufactured with over150 excellent product reviews from audio
critics around the world.

Adhering to our circuit design philosophy that “simpler is better”
and based on the proven superiority of single-ended, triode-tube designs
our engineers have continuously refined the preamp. To list all the
innovations brought forth by our designs would be difficult. The
elimination of cathode followers, buffers, negative feedback,
paralleling tube output stages, designing new Teflon film capacitors and
exploring better mechanical interfaces are but a few innovations that
has made Audible Illusions a pioneer in modern-day tube technology.

Compared to previous generations the new M3B adds a host of features
and refinements. Circuit boards have been redesigned to further simplify
the signal path, improve switching and reduce vibration. This latest
design utilizes special direct relay switching resulting in improved

Today the M3B is one of the few full-function preamplifiers made. For
vinyl record and CD lovers alike this preamp offers unparalleled
musical performance. It is the finest preamplifier we have ever made and
continues to be the benchmark by which many others are compared.

Control Functions: Dual-Mono Left & Right Stepped Attenuator Volume Controls, Subsonic Filter, Tape-Source, Stereo-Mono, Muting, On-Off.

Input Selection: CD, DVD, Phono, Tuner, Video, Auxiliary, Tape

Output Selection: Main (2) Tape

Optional: Internal, gold-plated L&R channel
circuit boards for low-output M/C cartridges. Rack Mt. and
Mirror-Polished Nickel-Silver Faceplates available as a special order.


  • Circuit Design is Dual-Mono, Class A, Single-Ended Triode, Open Loop.

  • External Power Supply, housing three separate supplies, prevents unwanted AC induced distortions.

  • Main Chassis has five separate, fully-regulated FET power supplies in addition to separate filament supplies.

  • Audio Circuit has No Cathode Followers or Buffers.

  • Standby Soft-Start Circuit prolongs tube life and circuit components.

  • Automatic-Timed Muting.

  • Control Knobs have Low-Light Backlit Illumination.

  • Separate Volume Controls are Precision Stepped Attenuators.

  • Proprietary gold-plated RCA Jacks with Teflon Insulators.

  • All circuit boards are Hand-Soldered with silver-bearing solder.

  • All Polypropylene, Teflon, and Polystyrene capacitors are Proprietary Designs.

  • Completely handcrafted in USA.


Overall Gain: 58dB at 1kHz

Tube Compliment: 4-6922 or 6H23EB twin-triodes, graded & matched

Weight: 20.5 lbs, 24 lbs (shipping weight)

Dimensions: 19″W x 3.5″H standard rack

Chassis is 17″W x 11″D x 3″H

Power Supply, 6″W x 10″D x 5″H

Muting:45 second warm-up and automatic brown-out protection

Power Requirements: 115-125VAC, 60Hz

45 watt maximum. 6 foot IEC Line Cord, supplied

Optional 100, 220, 230, 240 50-60Hz transformers.


Gain: 28dB at 1kHz

Frequency Response: +/- .25dB of RIAA from 20hz to 20kHz

Signal Phase: Non-Inverting

Signal to Noise: 74dB below a 5mV input wideband

Distortion: Less than .015% at 20 kHz

Input Impedance: 47 kOhms

Phono Overload: 1.2v rms at 1 kHz (100k load)

750mv rms at 1 kHz (IHF load)


Gain: 30dB, Tape & S/S Processor 0dB

Frequency Response: Within +/-1 dB

2Hz to 100kHz measured w 1-1 probe

(50 kOhms, 100pf load)

Signal to Noise: 90dB below 1.5V rms output wideband

Input Impedance: 50kOhm – all

Output Impedance: Main-1.2 kOhms, Tape-150 Ohms

Distortion: .10% at 1.5V rms, 20-50 kHz, into 50kOhm load. Less than .12% THD at 1v out into IHF load

Signal Phase: Main Outputs – Inverting

Tape Outputs – Non-Inverting

Maximum Input: 9v rms.

You can order one with or without Phono Stage ! Immediate shipping.

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