JadisJA-200 power tube amps pairusedJadis JA-200 Power tube amps pairUp for sale is a 4 chassis, Jadis JA-200 Tube power amplifier, 160 watts/ch RMS, Pure Class A, with Gold Lion KT-88 output tubes Telefunken EC-82 & EC83 input tubes, complete with original fact...15900.00

Jadis JA-200 Power tube amps pair [Expired]

no longer for sale

Up for sale is a 4 chassis, Jadis JA-200 Tube power amplifier, 160 watts/ch RMS, Pure Class A, with Gold Lion KT-88 output tubes Telefunken EC-82 & EC83 input tubes, complete with original factory boxes, tube cages, owner's manual. Made in France. Sequential Serial # 110576 & 110577. I am the 2nd owner and have had the units for almost (10) years since November 2009. The first owner had the unit since new and I believe the unit was made some time in the late 1990s. I remember the ad saying the unit was (10) years old when I bought it. Cosmetically there are a few faint surface scratches here & there on the surgical grade stainless steel body, 1 almost imperceptible nick at a corner, and which has been there since I have owned it. The gold plating has faded on face plates, top plate of transformers & the output terminals at the back which was typical of the older Jadis. The cosmetic condition is commensurable with the age of the unit and hence the grading is at a 7/10. Functionally both the amps sound divine and the musicality, rhythm, the life in the music, and detail across the entire audible spectrum is beyond comparison and the best amp that I have ever heard.  Side note: It was in 2007 that I was bitten by the audiophile bug and began an audio journey of 3 years in trying to upgrade my music system. I spent a colossal amount on various brands over 3 years to comprise Shindo, Kondo, Kronzilla DX monoblocks, Accuphase, A-200s, Cayin, Ayon etc. At one point I had a Shindo Masseto preamp paired to Kronzilla DXs (hybrid tube with 1610T tubes) monoblocks, output to Tannoy speakers. The music sounded very good & detailed. Still not entirely happy I experimented with an old, used Jadis JA-30 & did an A/B comparison against the $24,000/pair Kronzillas I had bought new. I could NOT believe my ears. For days I kicked and twisted around in my head as I switched back & forth, over & over again. I had to eventually discover on my own that the small, single chassis JA-30s had far more musicality, beat, realism and "life" in the music whereas the pricey Kronzillas, while very detailed actually sounded "sterile" and too analytical, & lacking "life" and rhythm. Almost boring. My mind was made up. I became a Jadis addict.  It took me a year to find a buyer for the Kronzillas to recoup some of my outlay. From that point forward I switched to a Jadis JP-80MC tube preamp, Audio Aero Prestige SE CD player etc etc. These JA-200 power amps were the last addition to the family in Nov.'09 to replace the JA-30s that did the job and some for over a year that it took me to source a JA-200 to drive my Focal JM Lab Nova Utopia Be speakers. The ensemble ended my audio journey as I achieved my audiophile dream with a predominantly French and German made audio system. I am selling due to a job transfer overseas with a different voltage system and down sizing too.
If you have heard a Jadis system before, you will know exactly what I am talking about. The music quality has "texture", "dimension", "refinement", "life" & total "musicality". If you have never heard music through a Jadis system this is an unforgettable experience that brings tears to your eyes and goose bumps to your skin while catapulting your spirits on a transcendental journey through space, freeing your mind and which will relax and immerse your soul in a delightful musical rapture. Words can not describe the music. The monetary cost becomes irrelevant.  The other components displayed in the pictures are not included in this sale and are there strictly for demo & credibility purposes and to reinforce my description here. Strictly for sale here is the Jadis JA-200 power amp, 4 chassis system only, as described above. Refer to link to understand that this is the Gold standard benchmark in the world:  http://www.audiophilia.com/reviews/2016/2/24/the-jadis-orchestra-integrated-amplifier
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. The tube cages, factory double boxes, owner's manual accompany the sale. Buyer is responsible for shipping & insurance costs. I will assist to shop around to get you the most economical shipping around. I would advise the 4 chassis boxes be strapped to a wooden pallet & shipped UPS or Fedex ground for most economical shipping if cost is a factor. I paid for air shipping via Seko Worldwide when I purchased these amps and had also used Seko for my entire 7.1 Focal speaker system without any issues. Buyer should shop around and I will work with you. If payment is made via Paypal, fees will be for buyer's account. At the current time this appears to be the only USA model JA-200 listed for sale which operates on 110-120 V system in N. America. I am listing the Jadis JA-200 but am open to a reasonable offer in the ball park and will respond to serious inquiries. Low-ball tire kickers, kindly don't waste our time. Thanks for your interest. Can send more pics upon request. Local pickup is welcome by appointment. This is a serious audiophile-grade, 4-chassis power-amplifier with individual power supply units to each unit, left & right stereophonic channels and the last amplifier you would ever buy. 
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