Precision Engineering Zobel LoudspeakerClarifiersnewDuelund  - LoudspeakerClarifiers Please see my feedbacks ,and reviewsThe Duelund Loudspeaker Clarifiers Are Considered by many The Best capacitors in the World . Putting these on your Loudspeakers Are a guarantee in reso...430.00

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Duelund - LoudspeakerClarifiers Please see my feedbacks ,and reviews [Expired]

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The Duelund Loudspeaker Clarifiers Are Considered  by many  The Best capacitors in the World . Putting these
 on your Loudspeakers  Are a guarantee in resolution ,without exceptions for Any Loudspeaker. . Once runin the refinement is Very apparent vs without them.Also depending on Loudspeaker ,and amplifier ,for Vacuum Tube equipment absolute choice, for SS Amplifiers the Jensen Zobel is another option.I Also used are matched 1% resistors , and pure Silver over high purity Copper connectors - No Brass , Spades or Bananas they come as a set for both Loudspeakes just connect to the top terminal ,or whatever connector  Not being used ,matched to the ohms your Specific Loudspeaker,Thank you .Free  shipping in the U.S . Please see my feedback ,and comments on these Clarifiers. Please see review on these Duelunds from Humble homemade Hifi capacitor test 

Sound: In one word: amazing! I have used these 0,01uF pure silver foil capacitors as bypass capacitors in many different systems. In just about every case there was an improvement in overall coherency and realism of tone. With realism of tone I mean that acoustic instruments and vocalists seemed much more tangible, more intimate. The Duelund Silver Bypass Capacitor brings out a certain harmonic richness in overtones, for example with brass wind instruments the tone gets a sort of "glow" making them so much more realistic. Big-band music is bright and warm at the same time if you know what I mean, just like in real-life. And now for a cliché: the Duelund Silver Bypass Capacitor really does remove a curtain from the sound, creating more depth, insight and it generally does a very good job in cleaning things up. It does this without getting harsh nor adding artificial emphasis on any part of the spectrum, something that can happen with certain types of bypass caps. They even scared me once: my personal reference system uses a 1-inch beryllium compression driver connected to a tractrix horn that flares out to 29 inches. This "tweeter" has no resistors in the signal-path and is driven by a first order network, so only one capacitor in the direct signal-path. It works like an acoustic magnifying glass. I was fiddeling around as usual, tuning the value of this capacitor in steps of 0,10uF but the sound didn't quite seem to fall into place how I wanted it to. Then I decided to listen if the 0,01uF Duelund Silver Bypass Capacitor could help out here. Bingo! Makiko Hirabayashi's recording "Surely" (that I know very well) has some small bells that are used on several of the tracks. I thought I knew how they sounded but with the bypass capacitor in the network the bells were so realistic, it scared me :-) I am so pleased with these universal bypass capacitors that I have decided to keep them in stock.