B&W805usedB&W Nautilus 805 CherryUp for sale are my personal sequentially serial numbered B&W 805s in a gorgeous cherry finish on its handmade in England furniture quality cabinet. These speakers have seen very limited use and...1500.00

B&W Nautilus 805 Cherry [Expired]

no longer for sale

Up for sale are my personal sequentially serial numbered B&W 805s in a gorgeous cherry finish on its handmade in England furniture quality cabinet. These speakers have seen very limited use and are like new and sound silky smooth, open, musical and amazing. The speaker cabinets are flawless as are the speaker grills. The only flaw is a very minor indentation in the tweeter dome cover at about 3:00, which I struggled to make visible in the photos. This has no effect on speaker performance. I only discovered it when taking the photos. If you are determined it can be removed with tape. 
Description: Two-way, stand-mounted, reflex-loaded dynamic loudspeaker. Drive-units: one 1" (25mm) metal-dome cooled tweeter, one 6.5" (165mm) woven-Kevlar bass/midrange cone with 1.24" (32mm) voice-coil. Crossover frequency: 3kHz. Crossover slopes: third-order Butterworth alignment with 49Hz cutoff. Frequency response: 49Hz-22kHz, ±3dB. Sensitivity: 88dB/W/m (2.83V). Nominal impedance: 8 ohms (minimum: 4.6 ohms). Amplifier requirements: 50W minimum, 120W maximum. Maximum recommended cable impedance: 0.2 ohms.
Dimensions: 16.3" (415mm) H by 9.4" (238mm) W by 13.5" (344mm) D. Weight: 20 lbs (9kg). Finishes: Cherrywood, red-stained cherrywood, black ash. Manufacturer: B&W Loudspeakers Ltd., Meadow Road, Worthing BN11 2RX, England, UK. Tel: (44) 1903-524801. Fax: (44) 1903-534725. US distributor: B&W Loudspeakers of America, 54 Concord Street, North Reading, MA 01864-2699. Tel: (978) 664-2870. Fax: (978) 664-4109. Web: www.bwspeakers.com.
Sitting just below the mid/bass driver, and almost as large, is the double-flared—one internal flare, one external—reflex port. This has a 2" outlet, twice the diameter of the 805 Matrix's vent. Its surface is dotted with molded "golf ball" dimples to smooth air flow and avoid the chuffing sounds sometimes generated by reflex designs. While the Nautilus 805 does not use the Nautilus 801's 1.5"-thick, 24-lamina birch cabinet, its curved-profile, 0.75"-thick MDF walls add stiffness to reduce cabinet resonances and to break up internal standing waves. Inside, its interlocking cells prevent the cabinet walls from flexing. 
The Nautilus 805's drivers are derived directly from the Nautilus 801's. The Nautilus 805 has a lower 120W system power rating. Its 1" aluminum-alloy dome tweeter has a neodymium/iron/boron magnet structure with copper-clad aluminum wire wound on a Kapton former, and is ferrofluid-cooled to improve power handling and reduce compression related to overheating. The tweeter housing is set behind the baffle to time-align the system, and uses a Raychem "Isopath" decoupling material to reduce vibration.
The 6.5" mid/bass cone uses the woven-Kevlar construction of the Nautilus 801's midrange driver. In the 801, this cone does best without a rubber surround, as it reproduces music only between 400Hz and 3kHz, thus requiring minimal excursion. In the 805, however, the driver must move much more air to extend its response down to 40Hz, so a rubber-based surround is very much needed. Its 30mm voice-coil is wound on a Kapton former, all built onto a solid die-cast frame. As in the rest of the Nautilus line, the crossover is mounted on the 805's aluminum baseplate. This serves as a heatsink for the noninductive thick-film resistors. Components have been optimized by careful selection of polypropylene film capacitors and hefty air-cored inductors. 
Two pairs of heavy-duty, plastic-shrouded German WBT speaker terminals—one pair each for the tweeter and mid/bass drive-units—include slots for spade lugs and a hole for single banana plugs. These various slots and holes in the plastic shroud were a perfect size to accept the spade lugs and single banana plug terminations on my biwired PSC speaker cables.
The Nautilus 805 has taut, punchy midbass response. That, coupled with the rest of the speaker's sonic profile—transparent highs, dynamic midrange, and powerful, solid upper- and midbass response—makes for a first-rate listening experience. The Nautilus 805's upper register was extended and stunningly transparent. 
These speakers have startling realism. This type of sonic imaging, so three-dimensional and real, is typical of the Nautilus 805s' deep, detailed, holographic soundstaging.  Four (4) upgraded Maze Audio jumper cables included.
$1900 plus PayPal fees of 3%.
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