Synergistic ResearchGalileo SX Speaker CablesnewSynergistic Research Galileo SX Speaker Cables - breathtaking clarity and musicality - NEW REVIEWSynergistic Research Galileo SX Speaker Cables Due to the complexity of Galileo SX and because your music signal are perhaps more influenced by your speaker cables than any other cable or component...17500.00

Synergistic Research Galileo SX Speaker Cables - breathtaking clarity and musicality - NEW REVIEW

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Synergistic Research Galileo SX Speaker Cables

Due to the complexity of Galileo SX and because your music signal are perhaps more influenced by your speaker cables than any other cable or component in your system save your speakers, Galileo SX speaker cables are perhaps the most improved of all Galileo SX cables; there are simply more elements within the cable’s design for SR's new UEF Technologies to act when improving the overall sound of your system.

Galileo SX Speaker Cables are made by hand in SR's California factory from (4) High Current Silver Matrix geometries, (1) 4th Generation Tricon Silver Matrix geometry, (3) Hand Made Pure Silver / Graphene AirString Geometries and (1) Hand Made Pure Tungsten AirString geometry. All nine parallel geometries utilize SR's new UEF Graphene Matrix Shielding with a new UEF Graphene Compound first developed for the amazing SR Blue Fuses. For added clarity, each individual geometry is separately sheathed to cancel cable resonance. This gives you clear, effortless sound with natural decay and timbre.  When voicing these speaker cables, SR added a Tungsten AirString Geometry for the unique sound staging properties of tungsten as determined during a 6-month double-blind listening test conducted to find alternate conductors for audio cables.

As with Galileo SX Interconnects, SR engineered a complex Multi-Layer UEF Inductive Cell and coupled it to each cable’s nine shields, twelve signal conductors and ground and we dramatically improved its function with the addition of a new UEF Graphene Compound first developed for SR Blue Fuses. At the heart of Galileo UEF speaker cables’ performance is its UEF Inductive Cell made from Pure Silver Foils and Graphene with a dielectric made from Japanese Silk, chosen for the warmth, and layering silk delivered over traditional dielectric materials discovered during a series of double-blind listening tests and this too was improved over Galileo UEF with the addition of the same UEF Graphene Compound used in SR Blue Fuses.

Now available in white/chrome finish for a $1000 surcharge.


"...these cables replaced Wireworld Platinum 8 in my all Accuphase/Magico system and right out of the box are so superior to those it had me slack-jawed in disbelief. No way they could be THAT much better! (i'm thinking to myself), but after playing a few of my most familiar recordings it became apparent that they were. I could hear finer details and at the same time the presentation was far more relaxed, as if the noise floor had dropped down to the center of the earth! Sound-staging and localization of instruments was better focused with a deep holographic and realistic presentation. Harmonically they are rich and dense with a beautiful timber. Sounds like they go a least a half octave deeper than the WW. There scary good now. I can only wonder how much more musical and satisfying they will become after a few hundred hours on them. All I can say is beg ,borrow ,get a 2nd mortgage or cash in your 401k. Find a way to make the purchase ,you will not be disappointed. Highly recommended without reservation..."


Howard Kneller of SoundStage UltraSound (April 2019) wrote:
"...the Galileo SXes may well set a new high bar for audio-cable performance. Further, while at first glance their geometries are more similar to than different from those of the Galileo UEFs, the SXes considerably outperformed the older cables... I’m smitten with the sound of Synergistic Research’s Galileo SXes: breathtakingly lively, exciting, and dynamic, yet gorgeously rich, musical, and accurately full-bodied. They are definite contenders for the designation 'the state of the art'..." CLICK HERE to read the entire review

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