ChordDAVEusedChord DAVE Mint Condition from original ownerI am selling a black Chord DAVE w/ Remote & Manual that is in mint condition. I bought the unit new from a dealer. Unit retails for $12,488Free shipping in the Continental US if you pay the ask...8499.00

Chord DAVE Mint Condition from original owner [Expired]

no longer for sale

I am selling a black Chord DAVE w/ Remote & Manual that is in mint condition. I bought the unit new from a dealer. Unit retails for $12,488

Free shipping in the Continental US if you pay the asking price (via a refund of the shipping costs). If you don't pay the asking price, you will have to pay actual UPS shipping costs for ground service (including full insurance)

And now the fine print:

The Gabriel DeLeon rule: if the unit arrives and is not performing as described, you get to send the unit back for a full refund as long as you notify me via this site within 48 hours from the delivery of the unit. After that, you are the proud owner of this unit, as it comes with no express or implied warranty of any kind.

The Franz rule: By buying this unit you acknowledge that you hereby waive any protection plan that is offered by your payment service that exceeds the 48 hours you have to report any issues with the unit. So if for example you choose to pay by Paypal and the unit fails 40 days after you bought it, you hereby agree that you will not use Paypal Protection to get a refund from me.

Have been on here for a while, but Gabriel and Franz forced me to add some fine print.

The Butch Landreth rule: If you don't have more than 5 positive transactions in your record, you can't bid for this item

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