SoundsmithHyperion mkIIusedSoundsmith HyperionAfter auditioning SoundSmith's top two phono carts (Hyperion & Strain Gauge), I chose to buy the Hyperion as it sounded most like real music to me. To my ears, the Hyperion easily out performs ...4900.00

Soundsmith Hyperion

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After auditioning SoundSmith's top two phono carts (Hyperion & Strain Gauge), I chose to buy the Hyperion as it sounded most like real music to me. To my ears, the Hyperion easily out performs top model carts I've owned from Lyra, Grado, and Air Tight, so I considered its $8,000 price a real bargain.

I feel the biggest reason the Hyperion can achieve this level of performance has a lot to do with its very low moving mass. I am very aware of the benefits of less moving mass, as I do a few track days each year at Brainerd International Raceway. My light weight GT86 has an advantage over much higher powered 6 and 8 cylinder cars do to less mass. Being lighter, I am able to move quicker through the curves and turns, just like a lower moving mass cart is able to more easily follow the curves in the record grove.
The Hyperion actually reminds me a lot of listening to my "Tape Project" Reel-to-Reels, because it is so well able to faithfully follow the groves, without jittering and bouncing around the groove.

Mass is the enemy. Less moving mass is the goal. (Learn more with the links shown at the bottom of this ad)

Peter has achieved this by utilizing an actual cactus spine as the cantilever. The naturally tapered shape, stacked columnar fibers and desiccated resin damping fit the bill perfectly.

Shortly after getting this Hyperion mkII, I saw at Capital Audio Fest that Peter came out with his improved ES Series version of the Hyperion mkII. I love the Hyperion so much that I would like to buy the ES version, so I am putting this one up for sale.

I have never experienced a better sounding cart than the Hyperion, and so I'm curious to hearing what the new ES version sounds like... Which creates the opportunity for some lucky audiophile the ability to buy this very little used Hyperion mkII for $3,100 less than new.     

With my busy schedule and moving to a new house, I have less than 100 hours on this cart.

Here is your chance to pick up one of the worlds best sounding phono carts at a very reasonable price.

Factory photo shown. I can email you actual photos on request.
 Paul Speltz

email: [email protected]
dial: 651-341-1780

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Cartridge Type: Fixed Coil

Stylus Type: Contact Line O.C. Contact Line

Output: Low

Output Voltage: 0.4 mV

Stylus: Contact Line Nude, 0.100mm SQ

Radius of curvature

Selected Diamond shapes: Optimized (OCL)

Cantilever: Hand formed/treated selected Cactus “Spine”

Recommended tracking force: 1.8 to 2.2 grams

Effective tip mass: 0.30 mg

Compliance: 10 μm/mN (low compliance) (LT) | 12 μm/mN vertical | 7 μm/mN horizontal

Frequency response: 20-20,000 Hz ± 1.0 dB

Channel separation (stereo only): 1000 Hz >36 dB (LT: > 34dB), 50-15,000 >25 dB

Channel difference: <0.5 dB (Stereo) <1.0 dB (Mono)

Output Voltage: ≥0.4 mV

DC Resistance (DCR): 10-11 Ω each channel

Coil: 2.75 mH each channel

Suggested Preamp Gain: 58-64 dB

Cartridge weight: 10.25 grams

Loading: ≥ 470 Ω

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