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AR XA U Custom Refurbished Turntable See Description [Expired]

no longer for sale


Completely disassembled this gem and went through it and made a few upgrades along the way. Including a picture of what it started life as...and it turned out pretty sweet.  Sounds fantastic with a Nagaoka cartridge I have as well as a vintage Shure M110HE.  

The tonearm has been upgraded to a modern wand that will accept standard head shells instead of the proprietary, pain in the ass, AR head shells. While doing this, the tonearm wiring was replaced with 99.99% silver litz wire from tone arm to wiring block, then replaced cracked existing output cable with low capacitance output cable to complete the path. Capacitance of the output cable measured 64pF, including connectors and the tonearm cable measured 12pF. Well under 100pF.

All bearing surfaces have been polished, Delyrin thrust bearings installed and will indeed pass the 4 minute spin down test.

The plinth is Walnut and has been given a hand-rubbed oil finish and then top coated with 20 coats of lacquer. Every four coats were sanded flush to help fill in the pores of the grain, then the final coat was sanded to 3000 grit, then hand rubbed and polished. The top plate was given the same treatment, but with pure black Lacquer. The shine and depth have to be seen in person to appreciate. The sides of the platter were polished to a mirror-like finish and the Tone Arm has been polished too.

Additionally, because this is a universal model, it will include the 50Hz pulley and can be plugged into 220V/50Hz with the flip of a switch. Excellent opportunity for you European folks looking for a fine AR table.

If you know anything about AR Turntables, you know these are giant slayers. This one has been cleaned up and restored to better-than-new. It still provides the opportunity to upgrade a little bit should you be interested in doing that sort of thing. If you would like to make further upgrades, message me.

Included also is the original tracking force kit, 45 RPM adaptor, both 50Hz and 60Hz pullys (60Hz comes installed), and original factory AR Oil/Lubricant.  

It does not come with a headshell or cartridge.  In the grand scheme of things, I would not be so bold as to assume what type one would be happy with as it is extremely personal.   If there is a particular setup  you desire, message me and we can possibly work something out, at actual cost of items.   

Price is pretty firm as it has many, many hours put into it. And it is worth it.

Message any questions. 

Turntable will be packaged (no oil in wells) extremely well.  I ship turntables weekly and have a fantastic track record of them making it throught alive.  Zero worries that it will arrive in the same condition that it leaves my home in.   FedEx  will provide the means of transportation.