PS AudioPowerplant P3usedPS Audio Powerplant P3 700 watt power regeneratorAsk us about 6 MONTHS NO PAYMENTS or INTEREST thru PayPal I have a very clean trade-in black PS Audio Powerplant P3 for sale.It looks and sounds great. The Power Plant P3 is a 700 watt r...1150.00

PS Audio Powerplant P3 700 watt power regenerator [Expired]

no longer for sale

      Ask us about 6 MONTHS NO PAYMENTS or INTEREST thru PayPal

I have a very clean trade-in black PS Audio Powerplant P3 for sale.It looks and sounds great.
The Power Plant P3 is a 700 watt regenerator with 6 regenerated outputs and two filtered outputs for big power amps.

A complete AC power regenerating station for home audio or video systems. The P3 takes in the old AC and outputs new, rebuilt power with 3 separate regenerated zones and a 4th, high current filtered zone. From the biggest power amplifiers to the smallest pieces of source equipment, this product will work magic on your system’s performance.

  • 750 VA  output
  • Built in Boulder
  • Whisper cooling fan
  • 100% regenerated AC
  • Two filtered High Current outlets
  • Control over the web or network
  • Adjustable output voltage

Review quotes:

Home Theater Forum

Dave Upton

The P3 is a meticulously well-built and designed product that obviously does a fantastic job as a power conditioner and a power plant while offering more in the way of extra features than anyone else on the market. While it’s not a panacea for every power related issue you might ever experience (like my obviously possessed NUC), it’s a fantastic product and does exactly what it promises while simultaneously solving the problem of transient current draw in high powered systems.

Overall I was extremely pleased with the PerfectWave P3 Power Plant and would highly recommend it to anyone seeking top grade power treatment for their system, though for those who don’t need extra features like web based management the price is still slightly on the high side to gain mass adoption. Recommended.

Stereo Times

By: Frank Alles, July, 2012

"What really drove home the P3's impact in my system was the improved fine detailing and sometimes shocking dynamic contrasts coming through on my turntable system."

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Hi Fi News review

By: Keith Howard

The message of PS Audio’s cheapest mains regenerator is simple: if you take mains quality for granted, you’re missing out on a means of enhancing system sound quality.

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