Bakoon DAC-21 -- Japanese DSD DAC w/ Battery Power!usedBakoon DAC-21 --  Japanese DSD DAC w/ Battery Power! -- (One Demo Unit Available at is an authorized retailer for all Bakoon products in North America. We have one of these units available at this price. After a recent shipping mishap, the entire circuit boa...2695.00

Bakoon DAC-21 -- Japanese DSD DAC w/ Battery Power! -- (One Demo Unit Available at [Expired]

no longer for sale is an authorized retailer for all Bakoon products in North America.  We have one of these units available at this price. After a recent shipping mishap, the entire circuit board in this DAC was completely replaced with a new one. Bakoon devices are usually current driven, which accounts for its sound with the lit up detail. This is one of the best-sounding, little compact units we've ever heard and the first DAC-21 demo we've had, so here's your chance to get a great deal on one.

The Bakoon DAC-21 is one of the more special products we've encountered in the past 5 years.  Designed in Japan, Bakoon is known for having the quietest noise floor on the planet! The Bakoon DAC-21 was in development for more than 5 years, by these Japanese circuit design perfectionists (with impeccable manufacture quality from South Korea). We have one demo unit available!

Jaguar is moving out a lot of high-end demo gear from our listening space to make room for new items. This is some really good stuff and almost all of it saw relatively little use, as our room was closed frequently during the past few years for upgrade projects. Keep an eye on our Demo Deals page, as we add products during the next few weeks and please give us a call if you have any questions.

Bakoon's house sound was described by 6Moons as "listening inside a space capsule."  The exceedingly low noise floor brings forward nuance and detail at a level you've never encountered before.  Picture music in your mind and imagine it in a fully 3-dimensional form.

DAC-21 battery power yields 12-18hrs of playback on a single charge (the unit recharges while it's off).  The DAC-21 is one of the most exciting products we've offered in the past two years and we fully expect it to garner numerous awards for amazing performance.

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Check out what Positive Feedback says about the DAC-21:

“a very special DAC from Bakoon International, a collaborative venture between a Japanese research team and a South Korean design and production unit, has injected more than a dose of excitement and realism into my digital listening sessions.”

“The DAC-21 utilizes an innovation Bakoon calls the "SATRI circuit", a zero-negative feedback implementation employing 48 discreet micro-sized transistors that, along with the battery power supply, accounts for the unit’s superb, richly-textured sound.”

“As you might expect from a battery-powered unit, the DAC-21 casts a stunningly wide, cavernously deep, precisely layered soundstage. In point of fact, I quickly discovered that the tiny Bakoon casts the widest, deepest, most delicately detailed soundstage of any component I have ever heard, analog or digital.”

Here's what 6Moons says about the Bakoon DAC-21 in their review: 

“We're not yet at the end but already a line is due to Bakoon's finish. It's superlative.”

“No matter the photography, its quality won't telegraph. It must suffice to write that the DAC-21 is put together with extraordinary metal work precision.”

“What does elegance sound like? Likely due to its battery supply which renders the circuitry 100% isolated from the power grid and as such, immune from its variable noise caused by fluctuating loading, the DAC-21 has sounds appear out of silence without any metallic grit or sharpness on the leading edge. Instead of 'zipping' into existence, sounds simply bloom, then vanish with seemingly endless fades for fabulous elasticity.”

“ stood not on its front but back foot; not on the attack but decay; not a stance of male aggression but relaxed female calm. Not forward but laid back. As a result, music seemed to take up more time. It lingered, leisurely. If it were a brook, it'd meander lazily, not rush madly forward. Time felt just a bit suspended. The attentive listener can't fail to notice and settle into the same state…If you need one more word to take away, it's purity.”

“This unusual duality of soft and hard, of mellowness and brightness, factored in all of my earlier Bakoon encounters. To me it's the Satri circuit's business card. It's what distinguishes it from the harder Swiss school of ultra-wide bandwidth DC coupled circuits. With their ultra resolution, it manages a more organic feel. That's the special sauce.”

“Those who love guitar, piano or any other instrument will have their own maestros with whom such call-it-by-timbre games are secret fun. Hearing such extreme resolution from wide bandwidth and completely absentee noise without even a hint of sharpness... that was an unusual constellation of attributes.”

“ securely held its own against costlier in-house references from Aqua Hifi and Fore Audio. I had no indications of sonic setbacks, just a different climate. That moved different facets into the foreground, others into the back. What came to the fore was lucidness as that lit-up-all-over acuity. It had glass-like purity and steep rises with fiery upper-harmonic brilliance. What in that crystalline clarity turned away were warmth, moodiness and weightiness.”

“...emphasis was resolutely and resolvedly on utmost intelligibility. This meant a total reveal of the soundstage as though white overhead lights had banished all shadows. A certain moodiness which we associate with candle light because of its rich penumbra and limited exposure had lifted. The type heaviness which results from a tighter musical weave—without the virtual crochet gaps that let in air and space between sounds—was likewise gone. This wasn't a tonal balance effect. Bass had fabulous pitch definition without any softening or lessened reach. This lightness was simply the other side of luminosity. It could be played at seriously faint levels due to its extreme visibility.”

“Punters surveying the $20,000 leagues under the sea would do well then not to overlook the $3'500 battery-powered DAC-21 in this context. You could spend four times as much on a converter, use conventional voltage mode over very fancy cabling and not get ahead."


 A quote, from the owner of Bakoon Products:

“I’m quite picky. Some of our quality control criteria are more than twice as stringent as their second most demanding customer, another popular big name. Thanks to these processes, we achieve finish quality far surpassing those of conventional hifi manufacturers. This is something we're very proud of.”

CoaxialDigital FormatsPCM 32-Bit/384 kHz,
DSD256Oscillators 3 Ultra-Low Phase Noise Oscillators Output1 SATRI-LINK (BNC),
1 Voltage (RCA)Output Level2 V (RCA),
2 mA (BNC)Battery Type 3 Separate Li-ion Batteries Battery Power Supply           
5 Separate Circuits for Audio & 2 Separate Circuits for Control Battery Operate TimeUp to 12 hours Dimensions195 mm (W) x 237.5 mm (D) x 55 mm (H) Shipping Weight 4.5 kg

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