Jadis JA-80usedJadis  JA 80 monoblocks heavily upgraded, LOWERED PRICE...Upgraded Jadis JA80 monoblock amps, upgraded to an outstanding level of performance... The ultimate blend of transparency and emotion." states a reviewer and we can't agree more! The mods added sub...9400.00

Jadis JA 80 monoblocks heavily upgraded, LOWERED PRICE... [Expired]

no longer for sale

Upgraded Jadis JA80 monoblock amps, upgraded to an outstanding level of performance...

The ultimate blend of transparency and emotion." states a reviewer and we can't agree more! The mods added substantial sound staging, capturing ambience and transient, texture, detail, live “like feeling” and extra strong “goose bumps” effect to the rendition of most recorded music material!

Jadis entered the scene, quite a while ago, made a lasting impression and, their equipment still compliments one of the finest and most expensive audio systems in the world, today.

These JA80's mono-blocks, paired with a JP80 two-chassis preamplifier (with a separate dedicated power supply) is one of, if not the most (both musically and price wise) desirable offer from the historical Jadis catalogue.

By today prices, a pair of Jadis JA80 MKII (a very resembling, slightly updated version of the company's very first product), will draw you back some 22k U$.

About 1 1/2 years ago, we've commissioned a professional audio engineer with over 25 years of hands on experience, here in Toronto (name available on request), to apply the best parts, to upgrade the pair of JA80s that we already had, at a money no object level. These mods were  based on Mr Arthuro Salvatore's (a well known former Toronto dealer, and high end audio fanatic and "guru", living now in Florida- based on a lifetime of his experimenting mods on the Jadis), recommendations, same as the heavily mods performed to the associated Jadis JP80 pre-amplifier, also currently offered for sale by us).

The extensive list of mods done on both monoblock amps and on the preamp (unit and power supply) is privately available on demand, to the serious potential clients and/ or enthusiast/s.

Now, this guaranteed (way) better than new sounding, exceptional pair of mono-blocks (physical condition is 8/10), offered (due to a pending relocation overseas) for 9.8k U$ only (less than double the cost of the upgrading…)!


The Jadis JA80 mono-block amplifiers offered here, come fetched with a set of matched a JJ El 34 quad, each (8 tubes in total). Compared to the KT 90 and KT 120 tubes, the El 34 are supposed to offer a "more romantic and lush" sound.

The JJs are a good choice in that respect.

These tubes are top of the crop JJ El 34, selected, tested and matched by the "Groove tubes" company. "Groove tubes" re-labels the tubes, and stand before their selection/s. They come with these amps.

Also, the amps are fetched with gold fuses, made by HiFi Tuning in Germany.

Please note: If bought as a package, together with the associated JP pre-amplifier (BTW, a new stock JP80 MkII cost new now over 20k U$, and our better one is offered separately for 7.8k U$ only, - again about less than double the cost of only the upgrading -!) then 17 k U$ will take both the amps and the preamp.

Accepted payments are in the form of: cash and carry; swift bank transfer; or PayPal (w. 3% extra if funds comes from a CC).

 Local sale preferred, but worldwide shipping with a high professional standard of double packing is available at extra cost. Stated dimensions are actual for each amp, not for the shipping package (yet to be determined). Will charge actual costs for S$H.

Amps are currently set on the 120V factory setting.

This is a private sale, and no extra taxes are payable. Please check out our other offers as well.


One outstanding match for the Jadis are the Avantgarde speakers, which we also  happen to have a pair for sale, or simply to complement the audition of the electronics, in case you’ll do that ( it’s a pair of Avantgarde Duo 2.2 sIII, in a very appealing high gloss metallic blue finish). See our separate add for those, please.

Of course, the most honest and convincing way to buy audio equipment is to listen to it.

Since the system is (according to quite a number of designers from the audio industry, dealers and prominent audio enthusiasts) one of the best sounding musical systems in GTA, if you are local, or within a reasonable distance, call for an appointment, come, listen, be bewildered and only then conclude for yourself.

In order to verify my stellar/ impeccable feedback look up my moniker "Jstones" at the Audiogon, and "timishoara" on the eBay. Thank you for you interest. Best regards, John St.

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