McIntoshMS-750usedMcIntosh MS-750  music serverThis unit looks like new! Not a scratch! I am calling it a "9" because i do not have the original box or user's manual (attached here). I bought it for my brother, and I never used it myself. No cl...750.00

McIntosh MS-750 music server [Expired]

no longer for sale

This unit looks like new! Not a scratch! I am calling it a "9" because i do not have the original box or user's manual (attached here). I bought it for my brother, and I never used it myself. No clue how it works!
I know it has been used because there are over 8,000 songs already on it (which you can erase), and still plenty of room left (750 GB)!
However, I cannot speak for its functionality. For that reason, I am selling it very cheap.



Performance Features

The McIntosh MS750 Music Server offers the latest in

audio technology, providing state of the art audio reproduction

with the convenience of instant access to your music

library. When the MS750 is added to a McIntosh Multizone

System, the music from this source may be enjoyed in

any part of your home. The advanced design ensures many

years of smooth trouble free operation.

High Storage Capacity

The MS750 incorporates a massive 750GB Hard Drive

capable of storing the contents of a large CD Music Collection.

• CD Record and Playback Transport

The MS750 has a new advanced transport for fast, quiet

and accurate operation. Transfer music from a CD to the

internal hard drive in less than 5 minutes.

• Graphical User Interface

When connected to a TV/Monitor, the On Screen Display

provides information such as Album Name, Artist Name,

Song Name, Playing Time and Location for each of the selections.

This allows for easy song selection from multiple

rooms in your home.

• Automatic CD Identification

When the MS750 is connected to the Internet, it will

automatically look-up information on the loaded CD. This

includes Album Name, Artist Name, Song Name and Playing

Time. This information is then stored internally for

later recall.

• Multiple Video Outputs

The MS750 has Component Video Output, S-Video Outputs

and Composite Video Outputs for a variety of applications.

• Internet Radio Stations

The MS750 also allows for listening to Internet Radio Stations

when connected.

• Select your Music

Listen to the music you want by creating your own play

lists and/or groups of music types. Take the music with

you by recording CDs from your favorite play lists and/or


Introduction and Performance Features

• Expand the Music Server System

Multiple MS750s may be connected together with access to

any two MS750s at one time. This provides for unlimited

music storage capacity.

• Digital Audio Inputs and Outputs

There are Coaxial and Optical Digital Audio Inputs/Outputs

for connection to other components.

• Alphanumeric Fluorescent Display

The display on the MS750 Front Panel provides various

information on the operating status and the current music


• On Screen Setup

The On Screen Setup allows for customizing various settings

such as audio, video, network and external control to

match the components in your system.

• Power Control

The Power Control Input connection provides convenient

Turn-On/Off of the MS750 when connected to a McIntosh

System with Power Control.

• Remote Control

The Remote Control with illuminated push-buttons, provides

control of the MS750 operating functions. A Data

Port Connection to a McIntosh A/V Control Center or

Preamplifier allows for convenient system operation using

one Remote Control. An External IR Sensor Input allows

for remote operation when the MS750 is located behind

closed doors.

• Special Power Supply

A fully regulated Power Supply ensures stable noise free

operation even though the power line varies.

• Machined Side Panels

The sides of the MS750 are machined from thick aluminum

panels with a smooth black finish.

• Fiber Optic Solid State Front Panel Illumination

The Illumination of the Glass Front Panel is accomplished

by the combination of custom designed Fiber Optic Light

Diffusers and extra long life Light Emitting Diodes

(LEDs). This provides even Front Panel Illumination and

is designed to ensure the pristine beauty of the MS750 will

be retained for many years.


Description: Music server with 750GB hard drive, integrated Web interface, CD player/burner, and Ethernet Web interface for remote control and music streaming. Frequency response: 2Hz–22kHz, ±1dB. Signal/noise (IHF A-weighted): 102dB. Dynamic range: 96dB. Harmonic distortion: 0.01%. Channel separation: 95dB (1kHz). Output level: 2.0V RMS. Output impedance: 200 ohms. Video: NTSC, PAL. Video output impedance: 75 ohms. Supported audio formats: Encode: FLAC, MP3. Decode: PCM, FLAC, MP3, WMA, ACC. Hours of music storage: FLAC, 2125; MP3 at 320kb, 5060; MP3 at 192kb, 8434; MP3 at 160kb, 10,121; MP3 at 128kb, 12,651. Digital output: optical, –15dB/m to –21dB/m; coaxial, 0.4V p–p to 0.6V p–p/75 ohms. Sampling frequency: 44.1kHz. Power requirements: 100–240V, 50/60Hz at 60W.

Dimensions: 17 1/2" (445mm) W by 6" (152mm) H by 15 3/8" (403mm) D. Weight: 28 lbs (12.8kg) net, 44.5 lbs (20.2kg) shipping.

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