High Fidelity CablesReveal Speaker CablesnewHigh Fidelity Cables Reveal Speaker Cables, 1m, 45% offSet of 1-meter Reveal Speaker Cables from High Fidelity Cables. Banana to banana terminations. 45% off The design goal behind all of our Reveal products is to hit a benchmark surpassing any an...714.45

High Fidelity Cables Reveal Speaker Cables, 1m, 45% off

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Set of 1-meter Reveal Speaker Cables from High Fidelity Cables. 
Banana to banana terminations. 45% off
The design goal behind all of our Reveal products is to hit a benchmark surpassing any and all cable technology to date. This doesn't include High Fidelity Cables, as technically they're not cables as they use a different technology altogether - magnetic conduction. However, all other brands and cable types were included in the design parameter to be transcended. Although the Reveal is economical in comparison to its competitive products, it is by no means an entry-level product. It is extremely high-end, but confusion arises from the fact that it is affordable and affordable usually does not typically denote high-end.  
Over the last several years we have heard constant pleas from audiophiles to offer our truly high-end technology at prices that are more accessible. So the goal was set to build the Reveal to shatter the preconceived notion that ultra high-end products have to be uber expensive. To get our benchmark the Reveal was compared against products up to and exceeding 20 times its price point. The idea was to better all of these competitive products in clarity, musicality, dynamics, and realism. We believe that a great cable technology gets you closer to the truth of the original sound. One inspiring advantage is that cable technology itself has not changed in two hundred years. Although there are many different types of materials, dielectrics, stranding capabilities, gauge sizes, et cetera, they still work off the same 200-year-old electrical conduction model. High Fidelity Cables are the first and only cables ever developed to further conduction, adding to it magnetic-based conduction as well as electrical conduction. This is important because electromagnetism is the key energy used. Today, to keep it simple we call electromagnetism "electricity," dropping off the magnetic element. And although you can change the wording to obscure the magnetic element, it is impossible to separate electricity from magnetism. Whenever you conduct electricity you create magnetism. Failing to do so stops us from having electricity.  
Because speaker cables carry critical signal and require current, the waveguides help the signal travel further and mimics larger gauge wire for better bass without losing any high end fidelity, which is typical of audio cables made from wire. In wire you can have either fidelity in the high frequencies using smaller cables, or bass by using large conductors. However, due to skin effect you cannot have both. In traditional cable the best we can hope for is a more even loss of both bass and high frequencies to offer a more matched, linear sound. The magnetic conduction waveguides mixed with the CT-1 magnetic conductors offer much more resolution and much more control simultaneously. Magnetic conduction based cables simply do not have the same problems.  
It may be correct to conclude that the advantage to magnetic conduction is the lack of problems in comparison to wire for signal transfer. Magnetic conduction based cables simply have less issues transferring critical AC signals and therefore do it more accurately than cable and wire regardless of design or cost. Even network boxes common on very high end cables are designed to eliminate unwanted frequencies, but network boxes simply eliminate all frequencies audio or non-audio. Only magnetic conduction actually helps to encourage more signal. The difference is evident to even the most novice audiophiles. To the experienced audiophile the differences are tantamount to being at a live performance.

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