BAlabo BD-1usedBAlabo  BD-1 DAC 24/192 - New** FANTASTIC FINAL ESTATE SALE **With the passing of chief designer Fumio Ohashi, we are handling the disposition of all remaining BAlabo inventory. A review of the warehouse has uncovered both new...3750.00

BAlabo BD-1 DAC 24/192 - New [Expired]

no longer for sale


With the passing of chief designer Fumio Ohashi, we are handling the disposition of all remaining BAlabo inventory. A review of the warehouse has uncovered both new-in-the-box and demo units - available in 115 V and 230 V operation. This listing is for one, new unit, with a 90-day warranty. PowerCon power cord is included.

Worldwide service will be handled by PureAudio, LLC in the USA.

BAlabo's BD-1 has been at the center many Best Sound awards at both CES and Newport shows including;

CES 2012 from Jonathan Valin at Absolute Sound and CES 2013 and from Greg Weaver at positive Feedback.

"...without question the best sounding system I had the pleasure of listening to at this year's combined CES/T.H.E. Show was found in the Perfect 8/BAlabo room, in 29-222.

"This system really delivered; bone crushing dynamics, superb coherence, ruthlessly musical resolution, captivating presence, and an unquestionably truthful timbre. Tonal color and texture were convincingly rich and vibrant, and musical involvement was eerily honest, bordering on downright revelatory.

"This system had the ability to recreate the scale of the music in a remarkably accurate manner, yet it was able to serve up the nuances and subtleties with uncanny, unnerving realism. This system very nearly breathed life into the music it reproduced."

- Greg Weaver, Senior Editor, Positive Feedback


CES 2012 Best Sound of Show - BAlabo and Perfect8 'The Point' Loudspeaker

"The Points disappeared more completely than any other loudspeaker at this year's CES (and consequently made voices and instruments sound more "there" than anything else). There was absolutely no sense of driver or box on any cut. The Points were being driven-beautifully-by BAlabo electronics."

- Jonathan Valin, Executive Editor, Absolute Sound

Tech Specs

  • Inputs: XLR - Balanced (AES), BNC (SP/DIF), RCA (SP/DIF)
  • Outputs: 1 pair Balanced XLR L/R, 1 pair rca L/R
  • 1 - Signal Grounding Terminal
  • Input Sampling Frequency: Auto detect 32 to 192kHz
  • Word length: Auto detect 16 - 24 bit
  • S/N: 115dB IHF-A
  • AC input: 20A PowerKon
  • Power consumption: 15W - ON, 7.5W Standby
  • Weight: 48.5 lb / 21.5 Kg
  • Dimensions: 16.5" w. x 17.75" d. x 6.5" h. 420mm w. x 450mm d. x 163mm h.

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BC-1 MK-II Control amplifier and BP-1 MK II power amplifier are currently out of stock and will become available in late June to early July timeframe. 

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