High Fidelity CablesProfessional Series Power ConductorusedHigh Fidelity Cables Pro Series power, 1.5m, 70% offLightly used, demo unit, like-new condition Professional Series Power Conductor from High Fidelity Cables, 1.5-meters in length. 70% off retail price. Professional Series power cables are designe...6592.59

High Fidelity Cables Pro Series power, 1.5m, 70% off

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Lightly used, demo unit, like-new condition Professional Series Power Conductor from High Fidelity Cables, 1.5-meters in length. 70% off retail price.

Professional Series power cables are designed for industry professionals who make a living from reference audio gear but have become very popular amongst audiophiles due to the sheer performance they deliver and are now sold to the general public as well.

The professional series power cord is one of the highest value products in audio marketplace. With the Pro series power cord installed you can expect a system improvement that will be equal to or greater than almost any major component upgrade. These are serious devices with incredible Power conditioning capabilities. 


It is a rather large device as far as audio cables are concerned utilizing three magnetically based waveguides totaling approximately 16 inches in length and an inch and a quarter in diameter. The waveguides are bound together by a build aluminum stand and are connected to High Fidelity Cables conductor technologies and top vibration damping high conductivity connectors. 


There are two separate design criteria in the Pro-Series power cord. These two design characteristics are used to combat the major distortions in A/C for audio. In order to get truly superior incoming A/C signal it is critical to understand what goes wrong. Identifying the causes of distortion is critical in overcoming it and this requires a good fundamental understanding of how our electricity works and what causes distortion.


The two major distortion causing issues are that of mechanical vibrations and the distortions created by the magnetic fields that are produce by current in the flow of electricity. 


Audio systems are quite capable of reproducing noise that is created by mechanical effects.  Maybe you have heard the sound of the tube being touched has created a microphone effect that was amplified and place for your audio system? Possibly you’ve heard a similar reaction from your tone arm when you touched it? And possibly you have heard humming on buzzing from your system when cables have been routed in particular direction? All these are examples of a mechanical action. 


Are your systems have the capability of reproducing and generating noise from mechanical vibrations and audio systems are plagued with these types of distortions. To eliminate them effectively requires a mechanical approach.  


High Fidelity Cables employs a patented method to reduce vibrations that is by far the most effective method we know of. These distortions are addressed in the waveguide themselves with the magnetic assembly and use a rather viscosity silicone gel. This silicone is unique in that it is rather fluid than most silicones and does not set up to be hard but instead very rubbery. The gel surrounds internal components of the wave guide and very effectively absorbs vibrations. It dramatically reduces hardness harshness and glare in audio reproduction. It is extremely effective against vibrations traveling down a wire that normally acts as a wonderful conductor of these vibrations just tike a tightened string between two tin cans. The gel stops this mechanical ring and effectively lowers one of the most harmful distortions. 


The second method is achieved through our magnetic application. Electrical wires emit a magnetic field that travels across a wire. This magnetic field referred to as the B-field is very powerful in A/C flow. It travels from one wire to another and causes the wires to both physically vibrate as well as pick up the magnetic field though this transfer electrical energy form one conductor to the next. 


This process is called induction and although it can be useful for things like speaker drivers, transformers, inductors and more it also creates unwanted noise and energy transfer.  This is why you will sometimes get humming or buzzing in an audio system. When wires run parallel to one another they can transfer the signal and energy the carry to another conductor.  You can hear this buzzing in your electrical panel often and through audio systems as wires like power cords transfer the signal to cables like signal cables RCA and even XLR.


To combat this Magnetic Conduction changes the direction of the magnetic field and dramatically lowers this noise.  With the powerful magnetic system we use the magnetic field has no choice but to run parallel to the wire and the current that moves down it.  By inverting the direction the magnetic field cannot produce induction and stops these noises. 


Magnetic conduction also centers the electrons with the same method as it forces the electrons to the center of the conductor where they travel more freely. This reaction is explained in our tech video on our website home page.  


The Pro is a powerful noise reducing device and is extremely audible for even the most basic systems. On a good high-end system it becomes even more obvious as these systems reflect our increased ability to hear differences and change of even small effects of distortion. When major changes are applied like the Pro power creates the results are truly stunning.   


You will find no other product remotely like it or nearly as functional for lowering noise and producing increased clarity, musicality, dynamics, imaging, sound staging and every other aspect of audio reproduction including tome and life like sound.  

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