AudionGolden DreamusedAudion Golden Dream 300B PSET Monoblock AmplifiersIf you haven't heard of these, please read the fantastic reviews here on Agon as these have quite a following, for very good reason. These very rarely come up for sale...I've only seen one other pa...7400.00

Audion Golden Dream 300B PSET Monoblock Amplifiers [Expired]

no longer for sale

If you haven't heard of these, please read the fantastic reviews here on Agon as these have quite a following, for very good reason. These very rarely come up for sale...I've only seen one other pair for sale in the 18 months I've owned these. Following a lot of the recommendations on the Agon threads, the power supply caps were replaced with new premium Nichicons by Bob Hovland by the previous owner, so I cannot comment on how much better they sound with these caps as I didn't hear the originals. However, these sound absolutely amazing and I have no doubt the upgrade was worth it.

These are 18 watts parallel single ended design, all hand built point to point wiring and no PCBs. These monos come with the optional upgraded volume control which can eliminate the need for a preamp, or you could use it to fine tune your overall system gain for best sound. I have a very high-end pre-amp with multiple inputs, so I used these volume controls on the Audions to "ride the gain" between the amps and pre-amp to get the best sound...super valuable.

The output tubes are the indestructible (and fantastic sounding) Emission Labs 300B-XLS. I do not know the age nor hours, but I would guess I put 200 hours on them or so. I may have the boxes for the 2 sets of 300Bs--we have moved, so I will need to look for them. These are the only 300B tubes I listened to with them, so I can't compare to other 300B, but I have many other Emission Lab tubes and I would classify their general house sound as tight, nimble, ballsy and yet sensual. I don't like the overly gooey and dark old-school SET tube sound as much, so these were perfect for me, and followed a lot of the recommendations on the threads for best sound from these.

Here's the fine print:

I'm listing these as LOCAL PICKUP ONLY IN COLUMBUS OHIO. With the right buyer I will consider driving them up to two hours away from me, which will get them to most parts of Ohio if you want to make the other part of the drive from where you are.

Why will I not ship? I have a couple of close audio friends and we buy A LOT of equipment between the 3 of us, in 3 different parts of the country. FedEx, USPS, and UPS ALL have developed terrible habits and resulting damage (or lost) records for the 3 of us these days, especially with heavy, expensive and fragile tube and vinyl equipment. We have had a TON of issues that are frankly not acceptable, and I simply refuse to take the risk for the sake of me, you, and the equipment...sorry, I know that makes it painful to you if you're not close or out of the country. If you are willing to accept ALL the risk, and I mean ALL the risk, I will be willing to let you work out packing and shipping at a local FedEx store--I will get their signature that I dropped them off, and the rest will be 110% up to you. No exceptions on that.  You will pay ALL packing and shipping costs plus appropriate packing materials.

I'm conservatively rating these as a 7, but I suspect when you get them you will easily think they are at least an 8 and sound like a 10. I don't know the age as these have been produced for a little while, but they are the current model.

The previous owner claims that they were shipped to me in the original boxes, but the boxes were not in great shape when they arrived. If I can find them, I will include them as well. I'm pretty sure I kept them.

Buyer pays 3% for paypal.

There are a few very tiny fine scratches (the biggest of which is shown in the photo and is about 3/4 of an inch, but not deep), and the expected "swirl marks" on the stainless steel that you can really only see at the right angle in very bright light.  Its hard to see any of it, and even with naked eye it's only visible at a specific angle. I just noticed that there is one top faceplate hex screw and washer missing on one amp which I'm 99% sure is how I received them given I never removed their tops. I will see if I can get a replacement locally.

Don't miss your chance to steal these at less than half the price of new (probably way less than half). Contact me with any questions. If you are close, I will hook them up for you and you can hear them. Or I will send you a video if you are not close.

Thanks for your consideration.