Von Schweikert AudioVR-5 SEusedVon Schweikert Audio VR-5 SE  (West Coast) Reduced PriceI bought these from the previous owner around the first of April 2019. The speakers have been a wonderful addition to my current system. I have nothing but praise for the speakers and what VSA ac...7000.00

Von Schweikert Audio VR-5 SE (West Coast) Reduced Price

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Package dimensions59.0" × 15.0" × 29.0" (240.0 lbs.)
59.0" × 15.0" × 29.0" (240.0 lbs.)
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I bought these from the previous owner around the first of April 2019.  The speakers have been a wonderful addition to my current system.  I have nothing but praise for the speakers and what VSA accomplished with the VR5 SE.

Unfortunately medical finance issues are forcing me to turn right around and sell them. I can't get pictures right now so am using the previous owners ad text and pictures for my ad.  My pictures would not look so good anyway... The previous owner who had VSA do the VR5 SE upgrade to the VR4s will gladly speak to someone if they have questions that I can't answer. 

I asked VSA about the cost of a new set if you could still buy a new VR5 SE and was told right around 26K.   The upgrade was done in 2018 by the second owner.

I live in Northern California and could possibly deliver somewhere near the Bay area or up into Oregon. That would need to be determined at time of sale.   I am 6 hours north of San Fransisco.

Selling my Von Schweikert VR-5SE speakers in beautiful dark cherry
finish. These speakers have never been over driven and have been cared
for in a smoke free, pet free home. They were used as the main left and
right channels in my all Von Schweikert home theater. The room has no
windows so they were never exposed to sunlight. The lighting in the
pictures is hard because I don’t have much lighting in the room and the
walls are all black. I am downsizing my home theater and selling all of
my speakers. (I also have a pair of VS-S/1 10” subwoofers for sale.)

VR-5SE speakers are in excellent condition. I am the second owner and
have had them in my care for a year. When I purchased them they were
mechanically, functionally, and cosmetically in perfect condition. They
were originally VR-4 SRs and I upgraded them to the VR-5SE. I am rating
them a very conservative 8/10 only because they are not new. There is
one small mark next to a woofer. There is a picture included and I used a
mechanical pencil to help identify it. It is extremely small. They are
wonderful sounding speakers and sound amazing with a wide variety of
music. But don’t think that is all they can do, as they work wonderful
for movies/Home Theater as well!

As you can see from the pictures I have everything as original:

wood shipping crates and packing foam, speaker grills, original velvet
bags, data link cables, wooden box with top module spikes, bottom module
spikes, spike discs, and bolts for bottom plinths, and optional rubber

Links to both the owner’s manual and brochure:



will ship in the 2 crates as they came from the factory. Each crate is
59x15x29" and each weighs 240lbs. A LTL freight estimate from CT to CA
with $8000 insurance for example would cost approx. $650. 

if a local buyer wants they can pick them up and I will help load (you
will need a large SUV or pickup truck) or I can deliver them within a
reasonable distance of my home if my asking price is met.


Frequency Response: 23Hz to 70kHz (+/-4dB)  30hz-30kHz (+/-2dB)(+/-1dB at midband)

Impedance: 6 ohms avg. (4 ohms 20 Hz-150 Hz; 8 ohms 150 Hz-20 kHz).

Recommended Power: 20 watts up to 500 watts music power.

Sensitivity: 94 dB @ 1w/1m using 2.83 v

Size: Midrange/Tweeter (14"h x 11"w x 24"d). Woofer (29”h x 11"w x 24"d). System (44"h x 11"w x 24"d).

System Type: Dynamic-driver four-way system using a triple-chambered quasi-transmission line.

Tuning: The hybrid design is composed of three separate chambers with a
tuned vent at 20 Hz. The 4"-wide vent tube with 7” flare extends bass
response without the "one note bass" problem found in other ported
systems. Note that the bass response is user adjustable +/- 3dB for room
compensation, see Owners Manual.

Cabinet and Bracing: A two-inch
thick front baffle provides exceptional vibration control and image
solidity, while MDF interlocking braces provide rigidity and freedom
from boxy coloration. Large spikes are included.

Complement: 2-9" Magnesium-coned Excel woofers from Norway, 1-7” carbon
Kevlar-cellulose Aerogel midrange driver from France, 1-1.5” silk dual
concentric ring Scanspeak Revelator tweeter from Denmark, 1-1” rear
firing ambiance mid/tweeter with fabric dome and transmission-line
loading from Denmark.All drivers use our proprietary Advanced Motor
System with low distortion design.

Crossover: Classified
crossover design and crossover points, optimized for flat off-axis
response and phase consistency over a wide Global Axis. Very high
quality parts are used from France, Germany, and the U.S., including
V-Cap Teflon and Hovland film and foil capacitors, Solen film-foil
capacitors, Solen Perfect-Lay inductors, Goertz copper foil inductors,
metal film resistors, and Analysis Plus internal wiring.

Binding Posts: Double sets of WBT Signature platinum plated binding posts from Germany, set up for biwire.

Driver: 1” treated fabric dome with Wave Guide and transmission-line
rear wave loading. Ambiance circuit uses Dimensional Control (effects
level) to compensate for room acoustics and sound stage depth. Provides a
Global Axis polar response pattern to simulate live musical

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