Le TallecStadusedLe Tallec StadDescription “ Le Tallec” High end turntable with ET 2.5 TonearmThe base turntable was originally a “LE TALLEC-STAD” build in France around 1982.The base consist of a wooden box, ma...1250.00

Le Tallec Stad [Expired]

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“ Le Tallec” High end turntable with ET 2.5 Tonearm

The base turntable was originally a “LE TALLEC-STAD” build in France around 1982.
The base consist of a wooden box, made out of some exotic, dense wood and is filled with
a concrete-like substance. (weight approx. 35 Kg)
10-12 coats of paint and a special wooden bottom plate makes the whole extremely resilient against vibrations, especially low rumble vibrations.
The platter is machined out of “perspex” ( a form of acrylic) with a high dampening coefficient and mounts on a sub platter which is connected to the main shaft which runs in a bronze bearing on a hardened steel ball. ( since 1982 and shows no signs of wear).
A stainless steel weight makes for firm contact between the record and the platter.
The platter is driven by an external ac motor provided by VPI, the double pulley allows for 33 and 45 rpm playback.
A thin belt drives the platter and is virtually maintenance free. ( a spare belt is included)

The secondary box includes an on/off switch for the turntable and a remote control on/off
switch for the compressor and a air pressure gauge to monitor the pressure at the ET tonearm manifold. A 15' cable with special connectors is included as well as extra airline.

The ET 2.5 is up to the latest standard (except the carbon fiber tube), has Discovery tonearm cable installed without the ET plug and hooks up by RCA plugs.
The tonearm is mounted on a multiple layer wooden base, which is especially made for the ET arm. The counterweight is modified to a stainless steel one with a small fine adjustment weight additionally. Silicone damping fluid can be use and is included.

The turntable rest on special, height adjustable feet and is dampened by special rubber pods.
Once the turntable is installed, exactly level and on a sturdy platform, the whole apparatus runs pretty maintenance free. Sometimes a little dust accumulate on the tone arm tube and need to be removed with some Isopropyl Alcohol.
I used a light silk cover to cover the whole turntable when not in use to prevent dust from settling on everything.
From time to time levelness of the floating tube should be checked as it is crucial for optimum performance.

The air compressor houses in its own box and should be parked away from the turntable, preferably in another room. It doesn't make a lot of noise but in a quiet listening room, it can be annoying
The compressor is German WISA and has a surge tank and dryer installed in side the box and should be connected to a 120 volt outlet.
The dryer is an relative cheap and easy to purchase, (Home Depot) element and last a long time. A brand new one is installed now and a spare is included.
The pressure on the manifold should be about 6-7PSI.
Complete manuals are included for the tonearm and compressor.

As one will easily recognize, the whole construction is inspired by other high end turntables of renowned manufacturers but at a fraction of the “High End” cost.
I used a Koetsu Urushi cartridge throughout the years and the level of music and sound reproduction hast never left anything to be desired and in my opinion could always measure up with some of the best!
I will offer this combination for sale for a while but if no buyer can be found for the complete turntable, I am willing to split up and sell the ET tonearm with compressor etc separate.
Please, let me know what you think.

Of course, I have more pictures and can answer technical questions, please do not hesitate to contact me,

Thank you for your interest.

PS: shipping will require to separate some of the parts and ship in several boxes to keep the cost down.
And as always...local pickup is a favorite. I live in SW Florida, Naples-Ft Myers area.

Also: please, check my feedback on AudioGon. under renemetalwerks, thanks


(see last picture for details too,)

Turntable extra’s:

4 Extra turntable feet in gold/black.

8 Spare Viton O-rings for the WISA compressor suspension.

1 Digital arm load meter.

1 Compressor power cord. (IEC/120Vlt)

1 Remote control power cord, (white with 2 XLR plugs).

1 Airline with filter.

1 Roll spare airline.

1 Set of tools.

1 Spare dryer cartridge.

1 Syringe with extra silicone fluid for tonearm damping.

2 Spare belts, (different thickness).

1 precision level.

1 Extra set of counterweights for different cartridges.

2 Brushes, one VPI and one DECCA carbonfiber.

2 Original ET 2.5 Manuals and set-up instructions.

Complete compressor and dryer unit with remote control capabilities.

PS: The Koetsu Urushi Cartridge is NOT part of the deal, I have sold it already,

    thank you for your interest

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