MarantzSC-7s2usedMarantz SC-7s2 Reference Stereo Control AmplifierFor Sale: My Marantz Reference Model SC-7S2 Stereo Preamplifier. I am the original and only owner since new. It has resided in a custom Critical Mass Systems rack in my dedicated listening...2100.00

Marantz SC-7s2 Reference Stereo Control Amplifier [Expired]

no longer for sale

For Sale:
My Marantz Reference Model SC-7S2 Stereo Preamplifier.  
I am the original and only owner since new.   It has resided in a custom Critical Mass Systems rack in my dedicated listening room and covered during non-use.  It was part of a complete Marantz Reference System.    

This was Marantz's cost no object Flagship preamp developed with their best engineering expertise!  Beautifully and meticulously built in Japan.   It is stunningly beautiful, pictures don't do it justice!   

I have all the original boxes, matching metal remote control, owners's manual, power cord, etc.

Tone Audio in their review commented:  
"They are some of the most beautiful components I've had in my listening room." and "The Preamp is the Jewel".  "While I found the overall level of performance very high in the Marantz (Reference) System, the component that stood out for me in the stack was the SC-7S2 Reference Control Amplifier.  The $8,000-$10,000 range is highly competitive, and as much as I love tubes, I'm always on the lookout for a world-class preamplifier that doesn't require glass bottles.  I'd put the Marantz on my list of top preamplifiers, offering a big, expansive sound, with a delicacy that rarely exists in the world of solid state."  

Terms: Continental U.S. only.  PayPal if shipped.  Cash if local Pick-up.  Local Pick-up welcome and preferred.  

Shipping: FedEx.  It is carefully packaged in original double-box cartons and will be packaged at FedEx in a 3rd shipping carton with expanding foam inserts for safe shipment and delivery.  
I can usually ship same day provided sufficient notice or next business day.  

  • 18 Marantz HDAM® SA Modules

  • Toroidal Power Transformer

  • Parallel Drive linear Volume Control

  • Fully Balanced Audio Circuit Design

  • Choke Input System Power Supply 

  • All Copper Plated Chassis with Double Layer Bottom Plate 

  • 5 Inputs / 3 Outputs 

  • Heavy Gauge Internal Wiring 

  • Stereo / Mono operation 

  • Synchronization of up to Six SC-7S2

The SC-7S2 features a fully balanced current-feedback topology and a power supply based on a aluminum-encased toroid power transformer, Shottky barrier rectifier diodes, and low-ESR electrolytic storage capacitors for optimal power conditioning and distribution. Inputs are fully buffered with Marantz-developed discrete circuitry. Four Wolfson WM8816 high-precision multi-gang volume controls and 12 Marantz-proprietary HDAM-SA modules are employed in the attenuation circuit, which is capable of 0.5 dB resolution throughout its entire 100 dB range. The chassis is copper-plated aluminum with copper and steel sub-members offer, for increased isolation from radio frequency (RF) and electromagnetic interferences (EMI). Adjustable muting and trim is provided. The display is defeatable. A remote is provided.



  • Main Channel Amp In - Bridge Mono Mode - (Bi-Amp mode) 

  • Headphone Out - Analog L&R In - 1/4 (Balanced/Unbalanced) 

  • Analog L&R Out - 1/2/1 (Balanced/Unbalanced/Rec Out) 


  • External control (RS232C) 

  • D-Bus Remote (RC-5) In/Out - F.C.B.S. 

  • AC Outlets (Switched/Unswitched)


  • THD (20Hz - 20kHz, 8) - 0.0015% (Balanced)

  • Input Sensitivity/Impedance - 420mV/20kW 

  • Frequency Response - 3Hz - 150kHz (+0/ -3 dB) 

  • S/N Ratio - 105 dB (Unbalanced) 

  • Number of Channels - 2 

  • Output Power/Channel - (20Hz - 20kHz) @ 8 

  • Preout - (13.5V) 

  • HDAM - (HDAM SA) 

  • Power Transformer - Toroidal 

  • Discrete Amplifier Stage

  • Individual Level Adjust

  • Tone Control

  • Phono Input

  • Source Direct

  • Speaker A/B


  • Color - Gold 

  • Front Panel - Aluminum 

  • Remote Control - Aluminum Top RC001PM 

  • Power Requirement - AC 120V 60Hz 

  • Power Consumption - 20W 

  • Dimensions W x H x D (Inches) - 18" 1/16" x 7 3/8" x 17 3/8" 

  • Weight (lbs) - 48.0