STAHL~TEKVekianusedStahl-Tek VEKIAN  D/A Superlative performance DACONE OF THE BEST REVIEWED DACS OUT THERE. PREMIUM HIGH PERFORMANCE DAC, BUILT WITH HIGHEST QUALITY. A STEAL and at less than $5k there is simply no match from the competition. Outstanding res...4995.00

Stahl-Tek VEKIAN D/A Superlative performance DAC [Expired]

no longer for sale

ONE OF THE BEST REVIEWED DACS OUT THERE.  PREMIUM HIGH PERFORMANCE DAC, BUILT WITH HIGHEST QUALITY. A STEAL and at less than $5k there is simply no match from the competition.     
Outstanding resolution and musicality, mint condition, extremely well taken care of by VIP Blink High End client, barely used.  

The Vekian – D/A's design is highly sophisticated, elegantly sleek, and refreshingly clean presentation. Sonically outstanding. 

Linnman said about this DAC:
"The Vekian not only passed all the innate challenges but elevated my musical enjoyment because of its ability to display polychromatic fine resolution. The density of the whole musical fabric was indeed and truly reminiscent of vinyl playback at the very upper echelon. The overall sound always delivered explosive dynamic alongside calmness and silence, making it very easy to get involved. Put differently, the claimed 127db S/N ratio definitely asserted itself."
  • Individual/Fully Isolated Digital Inputs Circuitry Stage.
  • Ultra-low jitter performance is achieved with the combination of the low-jitter input receiver circuit
  • and a custom mechanically-damped/shielded Sample-Rate-Converter Module that is governed by a low noise precision master clock circuit.
  • Supports 24-Bit resolution with Input Sampling Rates from 32kHz to 192kHz, which is automatically Up-sampled to 192kHz.
  • Dual, Multi-channel, 24-bit Multi-bit segment/delta-sigma hybrid DACs configured for Symmetrically Balanced Two Channel Audio outputs.
  • Four custom analog filter stages with no non-linear components in the signal path, designed to optimize phase linearity through-out the entire audio spectrum, which is crucial to minimizing audible distortions and sonic degradation to spatial depth and imaging.
  • Four Discrete Hybrid Bipolar/Mosfet High-Power Class A Output Stage Amplifiers optimized for two-channel balanced mode operations capable of driving low impedance loads.
  • Oversized Transformers, Multiple Large Filtering Capacitors, and Multi-Staged Regulated Power Supplies for each Digital/Analog Sub-Circuits.  

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No trades please. Buy with confidence.  All sales are final. US model.

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