Harmonic TechnologyPro 9 plus spkusedHarmonic Technology Pro 9 plus Ref Tweater & Woofer in two seperate runs.Harmonic Tech TWO SEPARATE RUNS Pro-9 SE Speaker Cables one set Reference Tweeter & one set Woofer cables terminated Spades sending to locking bananas receiving. These are Harmonic Tech Raw...600.00

Harmonic Technology Pro 9 plus Ref Tweater & Woofer in two seperate runs. [Expired]

no longer for sale

Harmonic Tech TWO SEPARATE RUNS Pro-9 SE Speaker Cables one set Reference Tweeter & one set Woofer cables terminated Spades sending to locking bananas receiving.

These are Harmonic Tech Raw cable terminated here (see pictures). Please Note: we had some extra raw cables and terminated them and there is no outer jacket (they are branded on the cables and were 100% sure that are the real cables as we were the #1 USA Harmonic Tech Dealer and purchased them from the factory.. These were purchased all from Harmonic Tech and using all Harmonic Tech ends both the Spades and locking Bananas.

These are two sets complete sets of speaker cables (4 separate runs) optimized and ready to  Bi Amp or Bi Wiring or even used on two different pair of speakers being two independent pairs of speaker cables.

A TAS Golden Ear winner and Stereophonic-Recommended Component !

The Pro-9 Reference SE sounds like no cable at all. Bass is not only tight but extremely dynamic, without hangover. The mid-range is exceptionally rich and large, with tremendous detail and harmonic completeness. Highs are extremely smooth, yet detailed, grainless and effortless. The sound stage blooms large with a holographic depth and roundness that borders on the unbelievable. Although Pro-9 SE might be the best speaker wire in the world, it's affordable as well!  A reference class cable and a real bargain.

Pro-9 Reference SE speaker cable ensures optimal signal transfer and greatly reduces inductance and capacitance for extremely accurate sound. Works fantastically well with virtually any speakers and any amplifier. The mid-range is exceptionally rich, with tremendous detail and harmonic completeness bordering on realism. Highs are very smooth and detailed, with no artificial “zing”. Harmonic Technology has created a speaker cable which allows the soundstage to bloom as large as your room — holographic depth and roundness you simply must experience.

Harmonic Tech Pro-9 SE speaker cable is available two ways, Full Range (Shotgun) or Internal Bi-Wire. Full Range is for speakers which have only a single pair of binding posts per side. Internal Bi-Wire is for speakers with two pairs of binding posts per side. The Pro-9 SE internal bi-wire configuration similar to previous Harmonic Tech offerings, but internally isolates the Woofer and Tweeter conductors in separated compartments. Internal Bi-Wire is ideal for customers who prefer a single jacket for each side of the speaker.

A more technical description of the Pro-9 Plus:
This four-conductor cable is suitable for bi-wiring or simply getting more signal to the speaker when using a non-bi wire speaker. The Pro-9 SE uses 9 AWG wire with the highest purity 6N copper available (99.9997%) and of course, like all Harmonic Technology wire, is of the Single Crystal TM (OCC) design, a manufacturing process which eliminates distortion and coloration.

Harmonics' spade lugs are made with Single Crystal TM (OCC) copper to complement the conductor purity and are available in gold or rhodium plating in three sizes: small, medium and large. This is a reference speaker cable in both sound quality and engineering design! Also available in a 'shotgun bi-wire' configuration, which uses two Pro-9 Plus cables per speaker. Although expensive, this allows much higher current handling for very large speakers and exceptionally powerful amplifiers. This is a favorite of many magazine reviewers and manufacturers.

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