DynaudioC4 Signature EditionusedDynaudio C4  Signature EditionDynAudio Confidence C-4 signatures New Retail Price: $22,000.00 / pair.Velodyne DD10+ Subs New Retail $3,299.00 each.ICONOCLAST TPC Speaker Cables New Retail $1,362.50 each.Total retail value of $2...10000.00

Dynaudio C4 Signature Edition [Expired]

no longer for sale

DynAudio Confidence C-4 signatures New Retail Price: $22,000.00 / pair.
Velodyne DD10+ Subs New Retail $3,299.00 each.
ICONOCLAST TPC Speaker Cables New Retail $1,362.50 each.

Total retail value of $29,960.50 for $10,000!

DynAudio Confidence C-4 Signature Edition which has a revised crossover, a high gloss and a new coating on the Esotar2 tweeter's soft dome that is said to give a smoother, more open sound and Velodyne stereo subs used for ICONOCLAST Cable Development. This is a wonderful kit to reach impressive sound, especially at this price.  All original packaging and information and in excellent condition on both. The Subs come with THREE footers: rubber, blunt metal plugs, or with another insert installed, sharp metal Spikes.

The 3-way bass-reflex C-4’s is famous for a life-like and impressively full sound stage. The addition of stereo subs to reinforce the VERY low-end to lifelike dynamics adds to the C-4’s strengths; dynamics, sound stage, imaging specificity and frequency response.

The first-order crossover has a 6dB roll-off and the C4’s frequency response 27Hz to 25kHz +/–3dB, with an impedance of 4 ohms and 88dB SPL sensitivity make them easy to drive.

The cherry finish stereo Velodyne DD10+ subs need little introduction with 9/10 ratings across multiple reviews. Easy to use DSP (see before / After EQ)set-up and an excellent clean and dynamic response, match the C-4’s perfectly. They are extremely versatile on inputs (high impedance interconnect or low impedance amplifier) and even have pre-sets for easy to tailor room responses. Included remote for easy on-the-fly level adjustments.

DD10+ Specifications
Forward Firing
1 Way Driver
10 inch Driver
Class D - 3000 watts Dynamic/1250 watts RMS
Phase 0 to 180deg (variable in 15deg increments)
Frequency Response    18.7-120Hz (+/-3 dB)
DSP            Yes
Auto EQ Setup        Yes
Microphone Supplied    Yes
Remote Control        Yes

The addition of the excellent ICONOCLAST by Belden 7.4-foot TPC speaker cable interconnects, $1,362.50 @ iconoclastcable.com, retail is icing on the cake. Cardas Rhodium plated Copper 7mm spades on one end and 9mm on the opposite ends. The improved imaging and dynamics provided with first rate cables (see the reviews on Audio Bacon!) only makes this deal even better. The system is wonderfully flexible for virtually any type of music, and volume level, which is exactly why I chose this example system for what most of use can afford to run developing, cables (see picture).

SUMMARY – Industry leading class A rated 2 x C-4 Signatures, two industry leading performance stereo SUBS and a new and in demand industry leading set of ICONOCLAST speaker cables all for $10,000 compared to a retail value of over $29,000. This is too good of a deal on like new equipment to pass-up. No smoking or pet environment. Temperature and humidity controlled listening room.
Payment direct to Blue Jeans Cable - www.bluejeanscable.com Wire or Certified Check. Questions welcome - [email protected]

73.0" × 22.0" × 26.0" (180.0 lbs.)
73.0" × 22.0" × 26.0" (180.0 lbs.)

25.0" × 19.0" × 20.0" (79.0 lbs.)
25.0" × 19.0" × 20.0" (79.0 lbs.)

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