LSA GroupLSA-2 StatementusedLSA Group LSA-2 Statement, One OwnerSALE PENDING Offered by your trusted AudiogoN memberwith years of experience and over 500 rating at 100%offered today: LSA Group LSA-2 Statement, One OwnerBought new with upgrade done by John Tuc...1750.00

LSA Group LSA-2 Statement, One Owner [Expired]

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Offered by your trusted AudiogoN member

with years of experience and over 500 rating at 100%

offered today: 

LSA Group LSA-2 Statement, One Owner

Bought new with upgrade done by John Tucker of Exemplar Audio in Washington State.  The Statement version is the flagship of LSA speakers and an enormous improvement to the Standard or Signature versions.  I have owned a number of floor standers and these are impressive at the price point competing with speakers double and triple the price. 

Buy it now at ore than $5000 off new list.

Graded for age, but look and sound great!  One slight mark on the side of one of the speakers, but not very noticeable (please see last picture).  There is also a slight blemish on fabric off the speaker grill, but only from a few inches away.

Includes Speakers and original box and packing material.  May require palleting at buyer's request/cost. 

Shipping big, heavy speakers is expensive: local sale preferred.  I can arrange to meet or deliver in the Greater SF bay area by prior arrangement with a small cost.  

Shipping will be fixed at $225 (2 X large, heavy boxes) with insurance for peace of mind only to the contiguous USA.   Outside this area, by quote after sale. If shipping is less than stated, then I will refund and money due the buyer.   If shipping is more, I will split the added cost with the buyer.    

PayPal please add 3.5% (Audiogon does not factor this in so it maybe have to come to me in a separate payment.

Please see my feedback and buy with confidence.  Also, on eBay as Pure_Life_Audio, I have over 850 transactions and 100% feedback.

There are an endless number of 'super performance' loudspeakers on the market, and it seems that the higher the touted performance, the more offensive the appearance of the speakers.

The LSA2 Statement Tower Speakers take exception to that trend by masterfully integrating premium parts in an elegant cabinet that can blend into virtually any living environment.

Starting with the crossover, we upgrade all caps to Dynamicaps and all resistors to Mills wire wound. Then we upgrade both the midrange and the woofer inductors to a massive 12 gauge air-core ribbon inductor. The higher current capability of the inductor speeds up the response time of both drivers, yielding better dynamics and more control of low frequencies, enabling the Statements to deliver convincing bass down to and below 29 cycles.

Finally, our 1" fabric dome tweeter is replaced with an Aurum Cantus folded ribbon design made which measures flat to 40 KHz. With a crossover specifically designed to enable a seamless transition between the midrange driver and the ribbon tweeter, the LSA2 Statements provide a completely coherent presentation of the music coupled with incredibly extended high frequency resolution.

The end result is natural timbre and tonality, a wide, holographic soundstage and effortless dynamics across the frequency spectrum. LSA2 Statement owners cite endless hours of listening joy which does not fatigue the ears or the eyes.