Altec LansingCapistranousedMcIntosh and Altec Capistrano Vintage SystemMcIntosh & Altec System From the 1960’s A one-of-a-kind vintage audio system from another time – furniture designed to accommodate the components, not the other way around. This is a once in ...9998.00

McIntosh and Altec Capistrano Vintage System

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Package dimensions47.0" × 24.0" × 31.0" (100.0 lbs.)
47.0" × 24.0" × 31.0" (100.0 lbs.)
70.0" × 7.25" × 26.0" (100.0 lbs.)
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McIntosh & Altec System From the 1960’s

A one-of-a-kind vintage audio system from
another time – furniture designed to accommodate the components, not the other
way around.  This is a once in a lifetime
opportunity to buy a system that has had only one single family owner and moved
only once in its lifetime (41 years ago), always in a non-smoking environment.  Selling the entire collection as one, as it
would be a shame to break up a vintage configuration designed for form,
function, aesthetics and of course – sound.

The Speakers:

Altec 831-A Capistrano speaker pair from
the early 1960s.  Contains 803A 15"
Woofer, 802D Horn Driver, 811 Horn, N-800E Crossover.  Each speaker is 47"s wide, 24"s
deep and 31"s tall, weighing 100lbs each. 
Very few, minor scratches on top surface only; speaker screen completely
unspoiled.  Never needed any repairs.  Legs are part of the complete cabinet.  Serial numbers 717 and 718.  Condition: Good.

Main Console:

HillCraft Stereo Console – extremely rare
console from HillCraft, that to date I have not seen anywhere online for sale
ever.  The unit is 5’ 10” long, 1’ 7.25””
deep, and 26 “” high.  Perfectly
outfitted to accept the three classic McIntosh components (described
below).  There are no speakers included
inside the console, it is all for components and Includes ample space for
storing vinyl.   Includes tray with turntable and tray with
reel-to-reel (also described below). 
Console weight (empty of all components) about 100lbs. Condition: Fair.  Scratches on top surface.

The Components:

McIntosh C-26 Pre Amplifier


Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.1%

Gain: 62dB (MM), 20dB (line)

Input sensitivity: 2mV (MM), 250mV (line)

Signal to noise ratio: 74dB (MM), 85dB (line)

Output: 250mV (line), 2.5V (Pre out)

Semiconductors: 18 x transistors, 3 x diodes

Dimensions: 406.4 x 138.1 x 330mm

Weight: 18 lbs.

Finish: anodized silver and black glass


Condition:  Good. 
In excellent working order, has only a small flaking blemish about .25
inches in the glass face that is barely noticeable, it is only the black
coating but not a compromise of the glass face. 
Comes with cover attached. Serial number 26P99

McIntosh MC 2505

The McIntosh MC2505 is a solid state power
amplifier.  Serial number 37K13.


Maximum power output of 100 watts RMS
continuous, 50 watts per channel operating simultaneously, into 4 ohm, 8 ohm,
or 16 ohm loads.

Harmonic distortion is less than 0.25% at
rated power output from 20Hz to 20,000Hz.

Power output:
50 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)

response: 20Hz to 20kHz

Total harmonic
distortion: 0.25%

factor: 10

sensitivity: 0.5V

Signal to
noise ratio: 90dB

Weight: 38.5 lbs.

Condition:  Good, however one channel takes time to warm
up and eliminate a low whooshing sound upon startup, likely needs service.  Face plate in excellent condition.  Comes with cover attached.

McIntosh MR73 AM/FM Tuner

McIntosh tuner from
1969. Serial number 21T58.


300 Ohm Antenna

75 Ohm Antenna

AM Antenna: Ext/Loop

Weight: 30 Pounds

Condition: Good.  Comes
with cover attached.

Sony TC-660

Reel to Reel Tape Recorder from the 1960s


Power Output: 150 Watts

Frequency Response: 30 to 20K Hz at 7.5
ips, 50 to 13K Hz at 3.75 ips

Weight: 57 lbs.

Condition: Good

Dual 701 Turntable

Only device not from the 1960s, Dual’s
first direct drive turntable from the 1970’s


Platter speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm,
electronically adjustable

Pitch control: 10% separate for both
speeds, each adjusted by means of variable resistor, with calibration scale

Speed control: with illuminated

Wow and flutter: < 0.03%

Rumble: < 50dB unweighted

Weight: about 15 lbs.

Condition: Good.


McIntosh C26 Service
Information & Owner’s Manual

McIntosh MR73 Service &
Owner’s Manual

TC 660 Service Manual

Dual 701 Manual


No returns, it must be crated for shipping and the buyer will
pay for appropriate crating and shipping. 
Pickup available in South Florida.


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