Vinnie RossiLIOusedVinnie Rossi LIO - DHT Pre-Amp / Amp / DAC / PhonoVinnie Rossi LIO fully loaded with the following modules:--DHT Pre-Amp w/ KR Audio PX4 tubes--PCM/DSD DAC 1.0--PhonoStage (without Remote Loading)--MOSFET Amp--Input/Output modules--NO Headphone op...8500.00

Vinnie Rossi LIO - DHT Pre-Amp / Amp / DAC / Phono [Expired]

no longer for sale

Vinnie Rossi LIO fully loaded with the following modules:

--DHT Pre-Amp w/ KR Audio PX4 tubes
--PhonoStage (without Remote Loading)
--Input/Output modules
--NO Headphone option
--Gorgeous machined Remote Control

I am the second owner.

The DHT pre-amp is simply amazing, it's really difficult to describe the sound but the best term I can give is holographic. When output transformers are removed from a circuit it is truly the proverbial "veil being lifted". I have never in all my years of being an audiophile heard anything like it.

The PhonoStage is the "Version 2" module which includes the sought after CineMag Step-Up transformers. Surprisingly, most of the reviewers seem to ignore or not spend a lot of time discussing the phono stage, but it is top notch and, as would expected, dead silent with ultra black backgrounds.

I am including a very lightly used matched pair of KR Audio PX4 Tubes ($750 value) (along the original EH 2A3 Tubes that Vinnie ships with the unit). I can't say how many hours are on the PX4s...I personally put about (300) Hours on them and the previous owner said they hardly used them, so take that for what it's worth.

I also have a pair of gently used and highly coveted Takatsuki 300b tubes with approx. (500) Hours of use that I will consider selling. The Takatsuki are everything you've read about and are very special tubes...

I have all the original packaging and will take great care in shipping.
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