PioneerPL-518usedCustomized Pioneer PL-518 w/Figured Walnut and Isolation BaseA Quality Pioneer PL-518 that has been completely restored. The PL-518 is a rock-solid table, has a fantastic motor and tonearm, which makes it a fabulous table for performance. Even better, it lo...700.00

Customized Pioneer PL-518 w/Figured Walnut and Isolation Base [Expired]

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A Quality Pioneer PL-518 that has been completely restored. The PL-518 is a rock-solid table, has a fantastic motor and tonearm, which makes it a fabulous table for performance.  Even better, it looks phenomenal and will be a centerpiece of your audio rig.  All internals inspected/lubed and electronic controls cleaned. The Isolation Platform is a solid 20 pound piece of inert MDF that is isolated from the surface via Vibrapods to virtually eliminate any type of vibrations. The turntable itself is then coupled via black chrome spikes to the Isolation Platform to assure a rock-solid connection between the two.

The attractive Figured Black Walnut is finished with a hand-rubbed oil base then more than 20 coats of clear Lacquer to give the chatoyance an opportunity to really shine. It is very cool to walk by and watch the grain shift/change appearance.

Sound is amazing. We are really believers in the performance increase due to isolating the turntable from any and all vibrations. The width of sound stage is a noticeable improvement over a stock table as we did side-by-side comparisons.

This is a fantastic piece that looks as good as it sounds. A true "one of a kind" player that is sure to be a conversation piece as well as a source of enjoyment when the needle hits the record. Rest assured there is not another like it anywhere.

We have had 100% satisfied customers in our custom rebuilds and plinth restoration service.  We intend to include you in that list.  

Because cartridges are such a personal thing, this table is not included with one.  I do sometimes include an Ortofon Omega as a place holder, but that would kind of be an insult to this table.  If you require a pre-set cartridge, send me a message and we can work something out whether it be a vintage cart I have on hand or purchasing  a new cartridge and having it installed.   My personal opinion, a really nice mid-level cartridge for this table is a Shure V15 Type IV with an LP Gear Fineline stylus.  Just sounds really nice with it.

This unit will be packed with the utmost care and guaranteed pristine delivery.

Just noticed, when pictures were taken, the hinges were not attached to the dust cover.  They will, indeed, be attached and are in standard good condition as the rest of the table.

The following work was done to restore this turntable back to like-new condition:

*  Good condition original Pioneer Headshell

*  All switches and pots cleaned and lubricated with DeOxit spray

*  Motor and Spindle Cleaned and lubed

*  Mechanical Assemblies Cleaned and Lubed

*  Tone arm pre-set and adjusted to ensure accurate height on lift and rest.

*  Verified speed-adjustment working and able to set accurate speed at both 33.3RPM and 45RPM.

*  Replaced worthless feet with SOLID SPIKES of which are mechanically coupled to a 20+ Pound Isolation Platform that is further isolated with VibraPods.

*  Auto Return Functions as it should

*  Original Dust Cover included but does have noticeable scratches

*  Power Cord has been replaced with OFC 12Ga cord and replaceable polar 2-spade standard electrical socket. 


The Pioneer PL-518 is a 2-speed, direct-drive turntable fitted with a static balance type, S-shaped tonearm.

Although the PL-518 is technically a manual,single-play turntable, the kind traditionally preferred by audiophiles and professionals alike, it offers two welcome conveniences.

One is the Quick-Start function. The other is the Auto-Return function, which works like this: when the stylus enters the lead-out groove of your record, a special Pioneer-developed device detects the increased lateral speed of the tone arm and triggers the auto-return mechanism.This lifts the tone arm gently, returns it to its rest, and shuts off all power to the turntable. The mechanism is one that Pioneer has tested successfully for over 100,000 continuous operations, and one guaranteed to perform with minimum noise and maximum reliability.

The PL-518's platter does not begin to rotate until you lift the tone arm and move it toward the outer edge of the platter.This convenience is appreciated all the more when you use it in combination with the oil-damped Cue Lever which lets you lower the stylus to the record surface (at the point of your choice) without risk of dropping the arm or nicking the record.

All controls on the Pioneer PL-518 are grouped on the right hand side of the platter to make handling easier still. In addition to the adjustment controls for the tone arm there is the Cue Lever, the SpeedSelect Button, and the Fine Pitch Control. Also on the right is the built-in strobe with an attractively illuminated light/calibration arrangement so that you may keep a visual check on the platter's accurate speed.

Pioneer has developed a 16-pole, 24-slot DC servomotor for the PL-518, one that provides exactly the same high signal-to-noise ratio and low wow/flutter as that used in the more expensive PL-520 model. This motor's magnetic circuit is twice as strong as conventional direct-drive types, a fact which contributes greatly to its improved resistance to torque ripple caused by uneven magnetic force.

Its switching frequency is also doubled, to 13.3Hz. Together these mean improved load characteristics, more accurate platter speeds at all times and, ultimately, better tonal quality results from your records.

You will find that few if any turntables in this price range offer such outstanding performance specifications: the signal-to-noise ratio achieved by the super-silent DC servo direct-drive motor is a high 73dB or less, while wow/flutter is an excellent 0.03% or less, and will stay that good over long years 


Type: direct drive

Motor: 16-pole, 24-slot, DC servo motor

Platter: 320mm aluminium alloy diecast

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Speed control range: +-2%

Wow and flutter: 0.03%

Rumble: 73dB

Tonearm: static-balanced type, s-shaped pipe arm

Effective length: 221mm

Overhang: 15.5mm

Cartridge weight range: 4 to 10g

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