SonarquestAWG10new10 AWG All-Copper Power Cable *No brass or alloys*  Starting at 65.00$10 awg Power Cable pure copper cable, terminated high-end genuine Sonarquest All-Copper plugs. The all copper, huge gauge design assure a very dynamic, powerful sound.Very flexible. Ease to work wi...65.00

10 AWG All-Copper Power Cable *No brass or alloys* Starting at 65.00$

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10 awg Power Cable pure copper cable, terminated high-end genuine Sonarquest All-Copper plugs.
The all copper, huge gauge design assure a very dynamic, powerful sound.
Very flexible. Ease to work with.
1.0m (3.3ft) : 65.00$ floor price.
1.5m (4.9ft) : 70.00$
2.0m (6.6ft) : 80.00$
2.5m (8.2ft) : 90.00$ and so on

This is my first time posting on Audiogon, I have perfect feedback on 74 transactions on Canuck Audio Mart (rich55).

CONNECTORS: Although not quite known as Wattgate or Furutech, Sonarquest uses superior materials than their more popular counterparts. Contrary to most AC plugs, these use ONLY pure red copper for the ultimate in conductivity. You can spend over 100$ for a Furutech AC connector set and not even have 100% copper (the IEC is brass). You typically get pure copper in 200$+ sets. Forget about any Ebay-type AC connector that claim to be copper. In my experience, the vast majority, if not all, are not even brass, let alone copper, but a very cheap ferrous alloy. Simply put a magnet on one to be convinced. I would always advise against no name plugs.
Cryogenic -196 degrees treatment increase the density of metal, hardness and impact toughness. Use of concave and convex security design insure perfect contact that can withstand the pull of 8KG. Sonarquest are the real deal and the absolute best bargain in power connectors.

CONSTRUCTION QUALITY: Very solidly built. Each pole is terminated with high quality, thick Panduit 12-10 awg copper fork spades to insure very solid grip. Not only is every single strand held solidly in place but, as seen in pictures, the contact area of the fork and the plug are perfectly flush. This much contact area is impossible when screwing down the wire directly. The thicker the cable the more difficult to use all the strands. With this design the entire gauge of the 10 awg wire is utilized. I've took a look inside many very expensive cables only to be shocked to see how poorly a lot of them are put together. Some actually have many loose strands sticking out or, even if they were inserted in the plug correctly, the whole contact surface of the wire is never completely used.

No bells and whistles here. Just a very solid, easy to work with, 10 awg pure cooper cable at a terrific price. Which is more than can be said for a lot of cables out there. I think it looks pretty good too!

AVAILABLE in black/silver lining, black/blue lining, black/white trim, plain black, checkered black/blue, checkered black/red.

Can make custom lengths.

No lower offers will be accepted.

Will ship almost anywhere in US and Canada at flat rate of 15.00$


Questions for the seller
Rich, I did not mean to insult...I just wanted to know what RED copper was....I see ads for pure copper ,99.9% up to 99.99999 pure. Having owned a machine shop and working with ofc and pure copper for mil spec parts I can not find formula in material data books for RED copper. Is there a copper purity spec available for red? Even brass has to start with copper element...thanks again and just looking for
No insult taken, just figured you wanted more reassurances that it was not alloy, as stated in title and description. I think the very pure copper like OFC all the way to 7N is especially used in copper cabling. I sometimes see PART of a connector made from OCC but in general, connectors are either made of an alloy, good ones like brass or garbage ones like...well who knows what's really inside those, often ferrous metals. Or, more rarely, you'll find ones made of copper. Most of these are not "purified" coppers, just standard copper, which is 99% I believe. As for it's red tint, not really sure I'll admit. Maybe something in the 1%, but I'm just guessing here. As mentioned before, I've seen a lot of alloys, good ones and cheap ones. Granted most stuff coming from unknown Chinese companies makes me wonder if it contains any copper at all. Sonarquest is not like this at all. Their copper looks and "acts" like any other pure copper item I've seen. You've been in the copper game a long time. I'm confident you would come to the same conclusion. Cheers, Rich
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