SoundsmithMCP-2 MKII Phono PreampusedSoundsmith MCP-2 MKII Phono Preamp1 Person Owner / All original shipping & packaging materials included / Free shipping to the continental USA Purchased new in June 2017. This product has been thoroughly enjoyed in a smoke,...775.00

Soundsmith MCP-2 MKII Phono Preamp [Expired]

no longer for sale

1 Person Owner / All original shipping & packaging materials included  / Free shipping to the continental USA

Purchased new in June 2017.  This product has been thoroughly enjoyed in a smoke, pet and child free home.

This item is in perfect working condition.

Highlights of the unit are as follows:

The Soundsmith MCP-2 preamp is a revolutionary design for it’s price - and the comments we get at each hi-fi show prove it. This preamp is what we use to demo our cartridges at all our shows even our high end cartridge designs.

Each hand-made preamp circuit is housed in a high quality aluminum case, powered by an external DC power supply, with easy to set up instructions. All amplifiers have extremely accurate RIAA equalization response, ultra low noise and vanishing levels of THD. .

Our new MCP-2 is a very high quality way to enjoy your low output Soundsmith cartridge or any MC cartridge; it is designed with continuously variable loading (10 Ohms to 5K Ohms) to allow use with any low output design and allows you the ease of simple tuning to get the high end response exactly to your listening preference.

Built-in high quality Soundsmith designed and manufactured fully shielded step up transformers assure noise free and ultra-low distortion to allow unfettered enjoyment from your treasured vinyl collection. The new MCP-2 has been favorable demonstrated against preamps costing $4000 - $9000 with surprising results... and compliments to Soundsmith.

Phillip Holmes writes, “Being able to dial in the load on tweaky moving-coil cartridges to your taste (not someone else’s taste) means that a weakness in one area will be offset by getting the frequency response, and electrical damping, correct.

The MCP2 also fairs well when judging rhythm and slam. It’s better than the stock version of the Jasmine phono stage I reviewed, and better than most of the classic tube based stages I’ve used over the years, including the 6DJ8-based examples, such as Counterpoint, Audible Illusions, etc.”

Tech Specs:

Model No. MCP-2

Type Moving Coil

Input Load 10 Ohms to 5K Continuously Variable R; 220pF Capacitive load

Gain 62dB

Noise (unweighted) -93dB down

Features         Fully shielded internal transformer step-ups for ultra low noise and lowest distortion;

                                        Ultra grade audio grade components used throughout   

Dimensions 7” deep, 1&1/2” high, and 4&1/4” wide. (without the knob, which adds 3/4" to the height) 

Overload specs  Output clipping into 10K Ohms = 8.3 Volts RMS

Input overload levels 

for output clipping 

or non linearity  ~~~~ 20Hz - 1.4 mV; 1Khz - 5.3 mV; 20KHZ - 35 mV with input load set to 200 Ohms;

THD measurements.        1kHz, ~0.004%

Power Supply          24 volt power supply included [US standard 120 volt] DC transformer

Box contains: 

1 Soundsmith - MCP-2 MKII Phono Preamp

1 Power Cord

1 Operating Instructions

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