TannoyEyris DC3/DC1/DCC/PS350B WalnutusedTannoy Eyris DC3/DC1/DCC/PS350B WalnutWhat can I say about this Tannoy Eyris Dual-Concentric speaker system that I have owned since new, and enjoyed immensely for a decade. As a lifelong professional audio system and product designer, ...3000.00

Tannoy Eyris DC3/DC1/DCC/PS350B Walnut

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What can I say about this Tannoy Eyris Dual-Concentric speaker system that I have owned since new, and enjoyed immensely for a decade. As a lifelong professional audio system and product designer, I have heard my share of speakers. From concert systems, to studio monitors, and practically everything in-between. When it came time to outfit my own listening/theater room, I chose this stunning system consisting of two, floor-standing DC3s, two surround DC1s, and the triple-driver, center channel DCC, plus the added 15-inch PC350B professional studio subwoofer. I have used a variety of amps over the years, but no matter what was powering this system, I can tell you that it sounded amazing!

Maybe you're not familiar with the Tannoy Dual-Concentric driver, so that aspect may be a bit foreign to you. In short, the "Dual", places the high-frequency driver in the very center of the mid-range driver, with the same physical acoustic center-point. By positioning the HF driver inside the MF driver, the two signals are in complete acoustic alignment, leading to not only flat amplitude response, but also phase coherence, that just is not possible with separate drivers. This results in precise melding of the two signals through the critical crossover point and renders incredibly smooth response through the vocal range. In addition, the DC3s add an additional LF driver, plus a Super-Tweeter for extended LF and HF range.

The DCC is a bespoke center-channel speaker equipped with one Dual-Concentric driver for MF & HF, along with two LF drivers, and a Super-Tweeter for added "air" above the typical 20K response one might expect from an exquisite speaker system. That so much attention is put into the center-channel speaker, will become immediately clear once you play a re-mastered 5.1 track, or listen to movie dialog through it. It is possible to have exceptional clarity and punch, while also delivering the most intelligible vocal response, thanks to the DCC.

The DC1 surround speakers are also true Dual-Concentric designs, and come with their own Super-Tweeters, for sonically-balanced compatibility with the front and center channels. They include threaded inserts that accept a variety of speaker mounts, so you can position them correctly, high up and behind your listening stage. All 5 Eyris speakers are equipped with 5-way binding posts that allow for multi-channel power, along with a neutral ground lead. I have only ever run them with one amplifier channel per speaker, but you may want to power them separately, depending on your requirements.

Please keep in mind that these (Eyris) speakers were built in the UK, not China. There is a difference, and the speakers made in Coatbridge, Scotland, by craftsmen (and women) have a legendary reputation for quality and sonic integrity. This is a by-gone era where people made careers out of building Hi-Fi speakers inside of what is arguably one of the pioneering manufacturers of Great Britain. The subwoofer was manufactured in Canada and is powered by the BASH amplifier and contains an integral electronic crossover, that allows you to tune the SW crossover point and level precisely as need for your acoustic environment. I kept the system crossed over at 120Hz, which gave me plenty of amplitude for loud passages, while not overly taxing the DC3s.

The Eyris cabinets are finished in the Walnut wrap, and all have the cast aluminum domed top that holds the Super-Tweeter. The floor-standing DC3s come with adjustable spikes for leveling and for solid adhesion to carpeted surfaces. Of course you can remove the spikes, if you're placing the speakers on a hard surface. The subwoofer is black in color and has no feet, as it is designed for half-space loading by sitting right on the floor. It can easily be corner-loaded (quarter-space), and the relative response corrected easily with the supplied controls. Depending on your setup, you can take advantage of the LFE input, or feed stereo program into the sub, allowing for maximum tuning flexibility.

All speakers have detachable grills, and they're all perfect. No rips or tears.Ideally, you could pick up the whole system locally (Greater Seattle area), But it could be packed, palletized and shipped by truck almost anywhere across the lower 48. While the listing shows flat-rate shipping at $400, this is obviously only an estimate. If you'd like to know exactly what it would cost to ship the system to your location, let me know and we'll get a quote. This system is worth the extra care and cost to properly pack and ship it.

Addendum: I now have the palletized crate that the speakers will ship in. The interior of the crate will be reworked to fit the speakers precisely, and they'll be further protected with moving blankets. The lid will be screwed on for security, so you'll need a drill with a driver bit to get it off. If you're located outside of the greater Seattle area, the speakers will likely ship with Yellow freight. Thanks.

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