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                                           SOPHIA ELECTRIC MAGIK BOX. (2018)

                                                          Step Up Transformer

Sophia Electric is well known through out the Vacuum Tube Industry. They build remarkable equipment. I have been using their gear, Tubes, 300B Mono Blocks, El34 Amps, KT66 Amps Etc. This is a remarkable Step Up Device.

Please read up on this device before purchasing. Make sure you are familiar with Sophia Electric.  

                    Remarkable Unit. Due to Medical Issues. Selling all my Gear.

I will also be selling my Sophia Electric Prodigy. With upgraded NOS Tubes. 2800.00

The Magik Box may be the King of Step-ups, and it absolutely kills my Auditorium 23 step-up, which is a damn good step-up, and has been my go-to reference until just now.

The Magik Box is designed to be able to handle a multitude of signal levels from teeny-tiny MC levels all the way up to PC audio, a CD or DVD player, or between a preamplifier and amplifier. So you can insert it into your system in a variety of ways: as an MM or MC step-up transformer, on the output of a DAC or CD player, or your preamp outputs, or pretty much anything else you can think of.

What is a Magik Box?

Since the early days of audio, it has been a dream to have a device like Sophia Electric's Magik Box. However, companies like Western Electric, RCA and later makers could not solve the problem of making a transformer that had both gain and wide bandwidth without the typical transformer's harsh sound. It is important to know that ALL vintage input and driver transformers made by Western Electric, RCA and others may have limited bandwidth at line level and therefore do not qualify as audiophile grade components in today's market.

Building a transformer that is quiet and has gain as well as a wide bandwidth is both a technical and artistic challenge. During the last 10 years Sophia Electric has utilized all its transformer making skills and ingenuity to solve these challenges. We have used the latest science and exotic high tech materials to bring you the ultimate in-line transformer amplifier device - Magik Box.

Sophia Electric's Magik Box is a pre-preamplifier with 6dB gain designed to amplify the audio signal before reaching the volume pot on your preamplifier or integrated amplifier. This will improve micro-dynamics and sound quality without distortion without noise.

Magik Box does not use tubes or solid state devices for amplification nor does it use AC or battery power - all of which can degrade the signal level. Instead, it uses transformers made from exotic metals for signal amplification.

By using transformers, the original capacitor coupling is converted to transformer coupling. Converting to transformer coupling significantly decreases distortion in the bass. In addition, you will hear music that is far more natural, more dynamic headroom with extended highs and a lower noise floor. The entire audio spectrum will be more cohesive and integrated.

Another benefit of Magik Box is that it will smooth out the digital brick-wall making your cds and digital files sound more like an analog LP.

Don't be fooled by similar looking transformer devices. Claims by those selling "vintage" transformers are also selling you distortion under the name of flavor and limited bandwidth. We are confident that there is no other similar audio device that comes close to the build quality or measures up to sonic performance of Magik Box.

For 15 years, Sophia Electric has been dedicated to providing the audiophile community the best sounding audio equipment built to the highest standards. Magik Box is another example of that dedication. We are certain that your high-end audiophile system will benefit from Sophia Electric's Magik Box.


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