McIntoshMI-75usedMcIntosh Vintage MI-75 Industrial Tube Mono Power Amplifier $6200/prFor sale here are four (4) vintage McIntosh MI-75 tube monoblock power amplifiers. These are the industrial version of the highly sought after MC-75.Sold in pairs for $6500.These units have just be...6200.00

McIntosh Vintage MI-75 Industrial Tube Mono Power Amplifier $6200/pr

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For sale here are four (4) vintage McIntosh MI-75 tube monoblock power amplifiers. These are the industrial version of the highly sought after MC-75.

Sold in pairs for $6500.

These units have just been through our service department and have been refurbished and confirmed in full working order. Tubes are confirmed as good but none have been replaced so they are all vintage.

In the mid 1940’s Frank McIntosh headed a small firm specializing in the design and development of radio and broadcast stations. Being on the forefront of this burgeoning industry he saw the many shortcomings of the professional equipment of the day. Most notably was the need for high-powered, low distortion amplifier. Hiring engineer Gordon Gow as his assistant the duo researched and developed a landmark amplifier. The amplifier was so far superior in output and distortion specs it was at first met with disbelief. The audio test equipment of the day was not designed to test an amp of such exceeding performance characteristics. But the proof was in its performance. Word of mouth spread and demand grew thus Frank McIntosh & Gordon Gow had new day jobs and McIntosh Laboratory was born. Hindsight confirms the company introduced a new era of professional audio excellence and they were amongst the first to market professional equipment to the consumer. Thus nurturing the high-fidelity industry and spearheading it for years to come.

For more than six decades McIntosh has maintained dominance in the high-end audio industry. They are the only surviving “foundational” high fidelity equipment manufacturer around today, still headquartered in Binghamton, New York, with operation and manufacturing carried out in the same method of the originators. McIntosh’s permanence in the marketplace is owed to its history of phenomenal components, all adhering to the same design criterion set forth by Frank McIntosh and Gordon Gow; superior sonic performance and unmatched reliability. Every component was created with capacity so great that it will never be operated at or near its stress point. A good reason why an estimated 80% of the McIntosh components produced since 1949 are still in use today and what’s more amazing is these same components are outperforming modern counterparts with the benefit of years of technological progression. When you buy a McIntosh you’re buying a lifetime component!

The MI75 was introduced in 1961 with a production run until 1971. It is the professional version of the MC-75 which was McIntosh’s most powerful, and one of their most successful, vintage consumer amplifiers. The MC75 was also recently re-issued for McIntosh’s 60th anniversary commemoration. A package deal of two reissued MC-75’s and reissued C22 preamp was offered for $15,000.00 price tag.

The MI75 is by far scarcer than the MC75 and even harder to find in pairs. Their primary use was in professional audio applications such as recording studios, broadcast stations, professional sound reinforcement, and as laboratory instrumentation. The clean and stable power of the MI75 also made it a popular choice in the 60’s for driving high end cutting head systems for record mastering applications.

Sonically the MI75’s are the perfect representation of what the McIntosh sound is all about; that magical midrange sweetness that brings music alive and the tremendous dynamic drive that recreates the impact of a live performance. They have that incredible knack of making music-listening enjoyable. If you like the MC-275 you will love the MI75’s. They do everything the 275 does, but much better, and the mi75’s have a whole lot less faults. Music is exceedingly more spacious, with sharply defined instruments; sound staging is much more natural. Overall sound quality is amazingly accurate. The MI75’s have an effortless power to them, never straining even at high dB levels. They are powerful enough to feed hungry speakers but still match high efficiency modern speakers.

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