Doge AudioDAC-7usedDoge Audio DAC-7. (2019)DOGE DAC 7 It kills me to sell this, I am selling all my Gear due to medical issues. This DAC is also upgraded with 6 Sop...1600.00

Doge Audio DAC-7. (2019) [Expired]

no longer for sale

                                                           DOGE DAC 7

                  It kills me to sell this, I am selling all my Gear due to medical issues.

 This DAC is also upgraded with 6 Sophia Electric Grade A 12AX7's, and 2 NOS JAN 12AT7WC

                                   FULLY LOADED. A 700.00 TUBE UPGRADE.

                                            THIS IS A REMARKABLE DAC. 

The DOGE 7 is our most innovative product to-date. It combines the best of digital and analog worlds and offers a sound that is so close to turntable sound that is will bring vinyl lovers into the digital world.

It offers a 32bit/384kHz chip that is DSD compliant together with a full tube analog output stage without solid state components. Most tube DACs on the market offer just a buffer tube stage, except a few that can be counted on the fingers of one hand. One is the Polish “Lampizator” at 3 to 5 times our price depending on the model, another is the UK’s “Audio-Note” at 7 to 15 times our price, again depending model.

The DOGE 7 uses a 32 bit  ESS Sabre ES9018 chip and a 6 tube analog output stage if you use unbalanced outputs or an 8 tube analog output stage if you use balanced outputs.

We have tried to offer as much input flexibility as possible with two coaxial inputs, two optical inputs, one AES-EBU input and of course one Hi-Speed USB input capable of data transfer rates up to 384kHz! We use the famous XMOS chip to enable our USB input to get the full benefit of  High Res digital bitrates, whereas 90% of the DACs on the market can only manage 96kHz on their USB input. As for analog outputs, we offer two pairs of RCA phono and 1 pair of XLR outputs.

There are many DACs on the market with the  ES9018 chip but none of them, except our DOGE 7, offers a pure analog output stage.

In the DOGE 7, as in our CDP DOGE 6, once the ESS Sabre chip converts the signal from digital to analog the analog signal is handled only by vacuum tubes. We do not use solid state chips to make the amplification. The result is an incredible “analog” sound that makes the DOGE 7 sound more like a turntable than a DAC. A/B tests done between the DOGE 7 and other DACs have shown the DOGE 7 sound to be easily recognizable.



We use the best components in DOGE 7. Gold plated sockets for the tubes, UK ClarityCap ESA model for our coupling capacitors, Nippon-Chemicon and Nichicon for Electrolytic caps. The digital section uses an ultra low noise voltage regulator.

The DOGE 7 comes with a quality headphone output with volume controller. Please note the headphone output is the only solid statestage on the DOGE 7. It would have been impossible to have a quality tube headphone output considering the limited space available inside the DOGE 7’s chassis. 


Doge DAC 7

The same potentiomer that controls headphone output also offers a volume control, called “preamp mode” on the display. This volume function is controlled by the ES9018 chip so the maximum output voltage is the same in DAC or preamp mode. Preamp mode is therefore not intended to be used to drive a power amp directly but rather to be used to match the DOGE 7 output level to that of your other source components or to allow you to benefit from the DOGE 7 remote control function if your integrated amplifier does not have one.


DOGE 7 comes with an elegant and discrete display that shows :

> the bitrate

> the input selected

> the digital mode: PCM (traditional mode) or DSD

> the output mode: Standard DAC mode or preamp mode.


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