Accent Speaker TechnologyNOLA Metro Grand Reference GoldusedNOLA Metro Grand Reference GoldI purchased these speakers November 2016 from dealer as demo, who featured these in the New York Hi Fi Show and received a standing ovation from the crowd including neighboring exhibitors! They are...15500.00

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NOLA Metro Grand Reference Gold [Expired]

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I purchased these speakers November 2016 from dealer as demo, who featured these in the New York Hi Fi Show and received a standing ovation from the crowd including neighboring exhibitors! They are magnificent in appearance in this Rosewood finish which still appears new and perfect.
One reason I chose to purchase these is that their sound is absolutely beautiful and the punch and power of the percussion does drop my jaw considering that they stand on a 12 inch square base footprint. The 3-dimensionality is superb. I achieved the sound I have sought for decades and now I am selling because that is what I do every couple of years. 
I paired these with my VAC Phi 300ia amplifier (also for sale), and an Audio Research Ref 6 pre amp. 
These will require freight shipping and will be packed in their original wood crates.  I would love local pick up if that is feasible. If not, then a local freight company will deliver to your residence or business. These have earned stellar reviews and I will paste excerpts below:

Description: Three-way, four-driver, floorstanding loudspeaker with vented enclosure. Drive-units: 2.5" by 0.4" (63.5 by 10mm) ribbon tweeter; 4" (100mm) coated pulp-cone midrange unit; two 6.3" (160mm) magnesium-cone woofers with alnico magnets. Frequency range: 25Hz–100kHz. Sensitivity: 87dB/2.83V/m. Impedance: 8 ohms nominal, 4 ohms minimum.
Dimensions: 45" (1154mm) H by 11.5" (295mm) W by 13.5" (346mm) D (all with plinth). Weight: 95 lbs (43.2kg).
Finishes: True Piano Rosewood with True Piano Black bases. Piano Black and other finishes available by special order.
Serial numbers of units reviewed: 0167, 0168.
Price: $33,000/pair. Approximate number of dealers: 40.
Manufacturer: Accent Speaker Technology, Ltd., 1511 Lincoln Avenue, Holbrook, NY 11741. Tel: (631) 738-2540. Fax: (631) 738-2542. Web:
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I asked Nola's Carl Marchisotto for review samples of this $33,000/pair loudspeaker. 

Excerpt from publication:

All in all, Nola's Metro Grand Reference Gold gives every impression of cost-no-object construction and design.

My first impression of the Nolas after Carl Marchisotto had left, with the speakers driven by was of a rich, warm balance, with excellent low-frequency extension. Listening to the Budapest Festival Orchestra's fine performance, with Iv†n Fisher conducting, of Mahler's Symphony 4 (DSD64 file from SACD, Channel Classics CCS SA26109), the Metro Grand References produced an impressively detailed sweep of orchestral sound, with excellent weight to the punctuating double-bass line in the slow movement. It was hard to believe that four 6.5" woofers were capable of this impressive bass performance!

... It is my conviction that it is not the low bass specification that is important but rather the accuracy of the harmonic structure of any bass frequency. The Adagio is a Musical dirge performed in a huge reverberant stone cathedral. It is a perfect low frequency resolution test. This Japanese cathedral voices a large sonorous pipe organ. At the same time you must clearly delineate the vibrating overtones of the wooden body of the Amati bass. Also the return echo of the low register organ pipes will scale the volume of the cathedral. There are moments when the organ produces a deep rhythmic pulse that sounds like a living heartbeat. The composition includes sustained bass pedal notes that holds the woofers for quite some time at a deep rumble. The resinous bowing sounds of the bass reverberations sighs a breathy mournful moan that tugs at your heart. The Nola Micro Gold projects a huge image that takes you to this stone vault and for a moment it sounds like flesh and blood crying out to you.

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