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Pioneer Elite UDP-LX500 4K UHD Universal Player [Expired]

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Serious buyers SEND EMAILS, DO NOT CALL ME we do NOT accept payment over phone payment done in person or via PayPal only - as far as phone conversations considering time of the year and as general rule we reserve that for customers designing, buying & installing complete HT systems not single components

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Obsessive Build Quality and Audiophile-Grade Parts Lead to Elite Performance: Pioneer UDP-LX500 Universal Disc Player Supports Ultra HD Blu-ray and Turns Virtually Any Disc into a Spectacle 

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Hear and see all your HD content – and more – as it's meant to be experienced with the Pioneer UDP-LX500 universal disc player. Able to spin everything from Ultra HD Blu-ray discs (with four times the resolution of 1080p Full HD) to SACD with sublime fidelity and accuracy, and upscale video to Ultra HD (4k/60p/4:4:4/24-bit), UDP-LX500 features mega-obsessive build quality and internal components that turn your media into eye- and ear-popping spectacles.

A three-block internal layout features separate blocks for the power supply, drive/digital processing, and analog section to eliminate interference. They're supported by a 1.6mm-thick chassis that itself gets reinforced by a 3mm-thick steel-plate sub-chassis for an incredibly low center of gravity and virtually unshakable rigidity. UDP-LX500's no-muss, six-layered main circuit board isolates specific functions to independent areas to reduce noise, keep signal paths short, and maximize transmission quality. A stellar-sounding DAC chipset, audiophile-quality capacitors, and Pioneer's Zero Signal Terminal – which, when connected to an audio/video input of a receiver, results in precise alignment of the two devices, eradication of ground noise, and accurate transmission of the signal – also come standard.

To ensure you get the detail you deserve, UDP-LX500 invests in a premium drive mechanism. Housed in a shielded case and fixed to the steel plate drive base, the BD drive base and its chassis are isolated via a spring-loaded dampening system to cancel out any transfer of vibration. And when you simply want to enjoy music – such as the DSD sonics of an SACD – one-button Direct Mode disables the digital audio and video circuits to focus on analog playback.

Of course, UDP-LX500 boasts all the connectivity expected of a modern reference player – include two HDMI outputs, two USB inputs, a digital out, Ethernet, RS-232C, and analog out. SDR/HDR presets further guarantee optimal image quality from your specific video display. All told, the "Elite" badge on disc tray really says it all – 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

Three-Block Internal Layout with Double-Layered Chassis
The blocks for power supply, drive/digital processing, and analogue audio are separated into three to eliminate electrical and magnetic interference between the blocks. The 1.6 mm-thick chassis base is reinforced with a 3 mm-thick steel plate Rigid Under Base. This Double-Layered Chassis structure provides a low centre-of-gravity and overall rigidity that prevents the transfer of external vibration to the inner chassis, and offers a superior reading of the disc.

Four Times the Resolution of 1080p Full HD
Ultra HD Blu-ray is the latest disc format with up to 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, four times the resolution of 1080p Full HD. In addition to Ultra HD Blu-ray, the UDP-LX500 is compatible with regular Blu-ray™, DVD, SACD, and audio CD, so you can enjoy the highest video resolution, as well as your digital disc collection on a single disc player.

Six-Layered Main Circuit Board
A six-layered IVH is used for the main circuit board to thoroughly eliminate digital noise. This optimizes the digital signal wiring and minimizes GND impedance, and dramatically improves S/N ratio in audio/video signal processing. The 18 Gbps transmission through the latest HDMI standard becomes even more precise.

On-Screen Disc Information Display
You can display the disc information on your screen by pressing and holding the remote control's DISPLAY button. In addition to the playing disc's details, you can easily check mastering information such as MaxFALL (Maximum Frame Average Light Level) and MaxCLL (Maximum Content Light Level) available on some HDR content, as well as HDMI output information.

Zero Signal Terminal
Zero Signal Terminal is a Pioneer-original feature dedicated to tuning audio and video quality without signal transmission. By connecting the Zero Signal Terminal with the audio/video input terminal of an AV receiver etc., the reference level (GND) of the audio/video signals is aligned between the two devices, and the potential difference is suppressed, allowing a precise and high-quality signal transmission.


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