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Audio Note (Jp) Kagura Factory wired 120v [Template]

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This amplifier is Audio Note / Kondo Japan  

CALL Rick Brown  +1 612 817 1599    

Hi Fi One, Carlsbad, California    


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Audition the amplifiers on Tidal Akiras in my showroom by appointment.

4 Kondo Avacado silver 2-meter power cords (retail $2,450 each) are included.  Additionally, two complete sets of vacuum tubes are included. Note: I have no way of knowing how many hours the original tubes have on them, but they test ok and a brand new $3,000 set of sealed factory tubes was installed Feb 28, 2018. They now have 20 hours break-in. See pictures. 

Provenance: the amps were new at the 2016 CES show in the Audio Note Kondo room. From the show, they went into the showroom of the US importer in NY. In November 2017 they were first sold to a client of mine in California. He traded them into me Feb 28, 2018. 
Visually, there is one long scratch on the bottom of one channels chassis. This single bottom chassis part can be replaced if one was so inclined. I am not. The rest of the amplifier that you can see from above is visually good to great. The amps look beautiful and the exposed copper chassis is perfect.  
I invite on-site inspection and audition on world-class Tidal Akira loudspeakers in my Carlsbad, California based showroom by appointment. (

I will not respond to equipment offers unless they are Lyra Connoisseur 4.2SE phono stages and/or Audio Note Kondo (Japan) Gakuoh push-pull amplifiers. 

Wire transfer preferred.  PayPal or credit cards will be accepted + all applicable fees and commission paid by the buyer. 

Worldwide door-to-door shipment is included at the asking price. Pick-up FOB Carlsbad, CA and receive a commensurate discount on the asking price. 

No nonsense, no stories.


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