NagraTube DACnewNagra Tube DAC - Factory Sealed - Huge Savings!Nagra Tube DAC (SN: 5511136989003)Nagra Classic PSU (SN: 5505037148004)Nagra Classic VFS: Vibration Free SupportNagra three year warranty from date of delivery, July 2019No Returns - Factory Sealed...29000.00

Nagra Tube DAC - Factory Sealed - Huge Savings! [Expired]

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  • Nagra Tube DAC (SN: 5511136989003)
  • Nagra Classic PSU (SN: 5505037148004)
  • Nagra Classic VFS: Vibration Free Support
  • Nagra three year warranty from date of delivery, July 2019
  • No Returns - Factory Sealed

From the oldest, most prestigious brand in high-end audio, no company has a longer history of producing reliably superior products—in performance, in craftsmanship and in aesthetic.

The Tube DAC is Nagra’s latest, top-of-the-line DAC, complete with significant improvements versus the highly acclaimed HD DAC, which it recently replaced.

The Classic PSU is Nagra’s top-of-the-line power supply and catapults the Tube DAC’s performance further still, versus both its standard power supply and lesser, more expensive DACs.

A number of reviews are currently in process but already Steve Hoffman, legendary mastering engineer and noted audiophile, wrote this...

“Nagra, the legendary Swiss company has lent me their wonderful vacuum tube DAC with matching Classic PSU (power supply). The units are brand new but without even any proper break-in they sound nicely musical. This elegant duo is already turning everything I play through it to Suisse Gold.”

From Steve’s Twitter account:

“This machine is amazing. That is all. Thanks René Laflamme.”

From the What’s Best Forum, these comments:

“Wow it was not a small improvement over the already excellent HD DAC. Everything got better. Micro-details not heard before pop up. Things buried in the mix now could be heard clearly. The soundstage expanded in every direction. Mid-bass got cleaned up and you could more easily hear the bass player in rock music. Dynamics improved and was better preserved when you played music very low. You got more body on the individual tones. High tones like cymbals was so clear and present. I could go on but the content is I got a more musical DAC than the already outstanding HD DAC. So a very good investment in musicality.”

“I bought the Classic PSU to replace my Nagra MPS. This PSU alone makes a big improvement on my Nagra VPS phono stage...”

Both components arrived in July, 2019 and are in their factory-sealed boxes (see photo). An unexpected health and cash flow issue requires a sale.

For extra protection, both factory-sealed components will arrive packed safely in additional, sturdy, double-corrugated boxes at least 6 inches larger in all dimensions. Dimensions will therefore be larger than specified.

For sale within the continental U.S. only. The buyer covers shipping costs.

If the buyer is in California or its surrounding states, I may prefer to hand-deliver the items instead.

Given the high dollar value, and to insure confidence for both the buyer and the seller, ESCROW.COM is preferred to PayPal. I will cover the ESCROW.COM fee of approximately $300.

Feel free to contact me privately for a phone conversation.

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