Valve Amplification CompanyPA-100.100newVAC PA-100.100, AS NEW, XTRA TUBES !*Condition As New No Rust,Pitting or Scratches*Bluebook Avg. $1,790 ( without xtra tubes )*$ 350 worth of Xtra Vintage Tubes Included ... *Layaway Payment Plan Option...*Worldwide shipping Availabl...1795.00

VAC PA-100.100, AS NEW, XTRA TUBES ! [Expired]

no longer for sale

*Condition As New No Rust,Pitting or Scratches

*Bluebook Avg. $1,790 ( without xtra tubes )

*$ 350 worth of Xtra Vintage Tubes Included ...

*Layaway Payment Plan Option...

*Worldwide shipping Available...

The  Price Includes the following  EXTRA Vintage Tubes:
2 Matched Golden Dragon Power Tubes KT-88
4 NOS  1957 Matching Pairs of Raytheon 12AU7A Tube 

Component History: 

 I purchased this VAC 100-100 from a fellow Audiogoner  in 2008 he was the original owner.

It has been is a child free and smoke free environment its entire audio life.

I have had it in and out of my Audio Systems over the years so it has not been overused by any means.

I rate it 9/10 for the Vintage only it is truly in Mint Condition by cosmetically and performance wise.I have used this VAC sparingly during my 11 year ownership and the tunes currently in the amp have very low hours on them.

 This Amplifier currently has a very sparingly used set of Ruby KT 88 Matching set Power Tubes  I bought brand new two years ago as well as a set Four 1957 NOS Baldwin Vintage 12au7 Tubes which is the current tube compliment in the amplifier will be included. 

Its Tube Power of 100 wpc is quite impressive even up against some of the more power rated solid state amplifiers I have owned. It drove my power hungry 4 ohm Audio Pro Bravo FX-10 Speakers quite easily even at low volume levels.

The build quality and components used in this 70 lb. amplifier are second to none.

The Transformers I have been told by the owner of VAC are all hand wound.

***Note: You can manually bias the tube array on this VAC  amplifier.

The front has five bias tuning screws which have small lights above keeping them in the green illuminated area will lengthen the life of the tubes as was told to me by the owner of the VAC Company.

The Original Power cord will be included as well as the Original Box and Owners Manual.

 This is a truly High End Tube Power Amplifier that deserves to be paired with High End Speakers and Preamp.

 I had it hooked up to Audio Pro Bravo FX 10 Speakers and a Audio Valve Eklipse Tube Preamplifier this combination portrays the music from the inside out for sure. 

  • The Amplifier as well as all the included tubes will be Professionally Packed .
  •  I will ship anywhere buyer to pay all shipping costs Internationally.

  • Accepted Payment : PayPal, Postal Money Order, Bank Certified Check ( That must clear prior to shipping)

  • Layaway plan of equal payment of 3 equal installments to be completed in 60 days.

  • The VAC PA 100/100 would be shipped to the buyer upon receiving the final layaway installment.
  • Buyer pays Paypal Fees
  • No Returns