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McIntosh LS340 Speakers - Red Cherry Finish [Expired]

no longer for sale

**Please click here to check out our newly launched SkyFi Audio website with additional items for sale**

We're loving the high quality red cherry finish in addition to the absolutely sweet McIntosh sound they produce.  

Fully tested in our lab to preform at McIntosh original specifications, and then auditioned in our listening room for longer than usual!

Each speaker can handle up to 350W (!), so if you'd like some amplifier pairing recommendations we'd love to help. Simply click here to call or send us a message.

Performance Features:

• Acoustic Edge-Hole Elimination
An edge-hole is a severe dip in the high frequency response of a speaker system, caused by the relative distance of the dome tweeter to the edge of the speaker cabinet. If the distance to the edge of the cabinet is the same on both sides of the dome tweeter, cancellation of the sound occurs at a specific frequency. McIntosh guards against this phenomenon with a special tweeter mounting that eliminates the edge-hole effect. A specially designed tweeter bezel and perforated grille, mask the tweeter mounting to maintain a symmetrical appearance.

• High Power Handling
The Loudspeaker Elements and crossover components of the LS340 are all chosen for use with powerful amplifiers up to 350 watts.

• High Efficiency
The Loudspeaker Elements used in the LS340 Loudspeaker System have also been designed for high efficiency. As a result any McIntosh Power Amplifier, even our smallest, will provide satisfying room filling sound.

• Automatic Overload Protection
The LS340 has built-in Loudspeaker Element Protection in the form of three automatic resetting solid-state devices as a part of the crossover network.

• Flared Acoustic Bass Port
The Acoustic Bass Port in the LS340 has flared front and rear openings to eliminate air movement noise. 

More on these speakers from McIntosh:

The McIntosh LS340 Loudspeaker System is designed for Home Theater and Music Reproduction. It is a three-way system with two 8 inch LD/HPI woofers, one 6-1/2 inch LD/HP midrange and one 1 inch dome tweeter. The LS340 is designed to work as a Left or Right (Main) Loudspeaker in a Music System, or as a Main or Surround Loudspeaker in a Home Theater System.

The LS340 Loudspeaker performance is equivalent to the quality of McIntosh'􏰀s legendary line of Amplifiers, Preamplifiers, Signal Processors and Signal Sources, without imparting distortion or coloration of its own. It also complements the capabilities and the remarkably low distortion of McIntosh Power Amplifiers.

Many of today􏰀s loudspeakers are designed only for Home Theater applications. Not so with the LS340. It is also designed for the accurate reproduction of music. Motion pic- ture sound effects, explosions, screams, and vehicle crashes require a wide dynamic range and high sound levels. These sounds are such that a speaker system having moderate distortion would reproduce them with little audible difference. This is not true with the reproduction of music. Music is by nature and definition harmonious. To reproduce it accurately, all forms of distortion, both harmonic and intermodulation, must be kept to a minimum. This has been the result of the design of the new McIntosh LS340 Loud- speaker System. Each loudspeaker element and crossover component has been carefully designed for durability, efficiency, and above all, low distortion. The McIntosh LS340 Loudspeaker System will reproduce music accurately and function as an excellent Home Theater Loudspeaker.

Click here for a PDF copy of the LS340 Owner's Manual

Driver Complement
Two 8 inch Woofers 
6-1/2 inch Midrange 
1 inch Dome Tweeter

4 ohms Nominal

Frequency Response
48Hz - 20kHz + 2dB (Anechoic Response)

87dB (2.8V/1m)

Crossover Frequencies

Power Handling
350 Watts Maximum

40-1/4 inches (102.23cm) Height, 10-1/4 inches (26.03cm) Width, 17-3/8 inches (44.13cm) Depth (including Grill)

Standard Finish
Black Ash, Natural Cherry, Red Cherry

Premium Finish
Rosewood Gloss, Piano Black

Weight (each)
89.5 pounds (40.6kg) net, 110 pounds (49.9kg) in shipping carton

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